Friday, January 15, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Things That Fly

Hello Dahlings!

This week the Tarts are doing manis showing things that fly.

I did this...

 Time. Time flies. Blink & it's gone.

David Bowie said it so well...

Rest in Peace, wise man of infinite realities.

 The line up ~ Joss Black Stamping polish,

This is 2 sparkilicious coats of Time Slip.
It a deep plum jelly packed with metallic shimmer
& color shifting metallic flakies in blue & purple. 
I was so thrilled when Kirsten came out with a
Rocky Horror Picture Show collection for the 40th anniversary!

 I made my decal using Bundle Monster plate BM-609,
Joss Black & my still beloved Original Creative Shop Stamper

A word on the Joss Black Stamping Polish ~
I didn't link it to where I bought it because
this is the second time I've used it for stamped decals
& have been less than satisfied due to minor smearing.
It's either a case of not drying long enough,
even though I waited 15 minutes this time,
before adding fast dry top coat
it's reacting to both the Sally Hansen Dries Instantly
& the Ruby Kisses fast dry polishes.
I've used both of these fdtcs to make decals
with other brands of stamping polish
& had no issues with smearing.
I also have their white & a metallic lavender that I haven't used yet.
I'm not optimistic at this point, but I will try them to see how they do
as well as trying the black with straight to the nail stamping.

Oh! Oh! Oh!
The NEW Creative Shop Space Stampers have arrived at Beautometry!!!
So if you pre-ordered yours, they'll be shipping asap.
They do need to be sorted, inspected & wrapped for shipping.
If you haven't order a set yet...Why the heck not?
I'll still use my Original CSS heads when making decals,
but for fast stamping on my nails, the Space stamper is my new crush!

 Alas, my new Samsung G6 phone camera
has decided to be a tard about taking gitd pics in focus.
I may have changed a setting while trying to take pics
of the lunar eclipse blood moon a few months ago
& now it refuses to focus in low light.
I'm going to have to dig around in the pro settings
to see what I messed up.

>^. .^<

I can fly!
Wanna see?

Thanks for stopping by
& please go share the luv
with the other Tarts!
~ Inky

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