Monday, June 30, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Neon

Hello Dahlings!
So da question I had for myself
when planning for today's prompt was...
Do I have ANY untried neons left?
 This is 2 coats of eye blinding Ruby Kisses Pink Flamingo
(It really is this bright!)
over 1 coat of Orly Pointe Blanche w/o top coat.
I have yet to have any issues with any Ruby Kisses polish! 
This brand is a bit obscure in da US,
but if you check ethnic beauty supply stores
you might get lucky.
Da Orly is a new color recently released & um...
in it's favor, it's nearly a one coater,
but it was also a bit streaky at the same time.
How can a polish be a bit thickish
& a cuticle flooder at da same time?
 Da line up ~ Orly Pointe Blanche & Ruby Kisses Pink Flamingo
 Me being me I could just leave my mani 'plain.
So I added a coat of I Love Nail Polish My Private Rainbow (L).
It's been worn & thus doesn't count as an untried.
Next up ~ Polish Whose Name You Can't Pronounce
>^. .^<
WTF? Dogs? 
Every once in a while
I watch my neighbor's special needs daughter after school.
One of the perks is getting to play with their dog Rosie!
She's a Setter/Dalmatian mix
& has been my doggy buddy for years.
Awroo? Who's this?
Meet Rueger!
My neighbor's son's fiancĂ©e found this lil guy earlier in da week.
I saw a 'before' pick & he was a matted black mop of misery.
So they shaved him, bathed him & discovered he's a mini Rosie.
I do mean mini cuz her shoulder comes to just above my knee (I'm 5' 3")
& he can walk under her belly without ducking much. 
He's a bit shy but once he got used to me he wanted lots of lovies
when he wasn't playing with Rosie.
Thanks for stopping by!
Now please go get blinded by da neons
da other Pirates have you y'all!
~ Inky

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Freakin' Weekly & Simples Nail Art Challenges ~ Blue & ? plus mixed dots

Hello Dahlings!
Time for another duo dose of
da Fingers Freaking Weekly Challenge
& da Simples Nail Art Muggles to Mastery Challenge!
This week's Freak colors are blue & my choice of color.
This week's Simples nail art is dots in mixed sizes.
Let's see what I came up with shall we?
 Dot, dot, dot...who's got da dots?
I got da dots!
 I did 2 coats of each polish.
MEGA is on my pinky, middle & index fingers.
Summer Stargazing is on my ring & thumb.
MEGA is basically pure Spectraflair with no pigment added
and da bling factor is nigh on BLINDING!
This is not a holo topper!
SS is a milder rainbow, but beautiful all da same.
>^. .^<
 What'cha doing down there, Meowmy?
Touch my paw...I dare you!
(da ledge Ciri is on is actually a good 6' over my head)
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Friday, June 27, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Dirtiest Named Polish

Hello Dahlings!
If you don't like 'bad words' just stop reading right now
& go do something else today.
You're good?
Okey dokey, let's get this fuck fest on da road!
I use profanity,
but usually prefer to be more creative with my expletives.
sometimes cuss words do add a certain flair
to one's communication.
Sometimes offensive language is fucking hilarious!
Since most polish makers are trying to sell us their products,
they generally try to not offend da majority.
There are however, a few indie brands
that don't give a flying pig fuck if someone gets offended
& name their polish what ever they feel
works for them lil bottled bitches.
Hence my mani for today's prompt...
 My Dirtiest Named Untrieds are both scatter holos
that almost, but not quite, catch da linear rainbow.
I sponged on some funky French tips
with a back end French tip for accent.
& Pretty Bitch Cock top coat.
Both Cock & Balls are previously worn,
but how could I not use them for this mani?
(Alas, Cock is currently not available.)
 This is 2 yummy jelly squishy coats of I'm a Big Fucking Deal!
 I managed to find a bit of sun, for a few minutes.
Next up ~ NEON
(Do I have any untried neons left?
I guess we'll just have to wait & see!)
>^. .^<
On afternoon, a few weeks back,
I heard this thumping noise coming from da landing...
Ciri had a REAL mousie!
He was playing some weird version of cat volley ball with it
& was SO pleased with himself.
I don't know if he hunted then killed it
or just found it dead & brought it home.
I have a strict rule about not bringing 'presents' into the house.
(I also prefer that they not open my presents for me.)
So I picked it up by da tail & took it outside
while praising Ciri for being such a good kitty.
I know some peeps get all upset
when their cat kills something,
but guess what?
Even if they never get a single hunting lesson
 from their mom as a kitten,
they still have instinct to go by
& most cats will at least try to bring down prey.
If they don't get to go outside,
they'll 'hunt' toys & maybe any bug that gets in.
If they get to go outside,
they will endeavor to bring down
any small critter that they can find.
If they really love you,
they'll bring their kill home & give it to you.
(If I had 2 dead mice, I'd give you one!)
Getting mad at a cat for hunting
is like getting mad at a dog
for barking when a stranger comes to the door.
They can't help it,
it's part of their genetics to do these things.
If you really can't stand the thought of a cat hunting, 
maybe you should consider having a vegetarian pet?
A hamster or fish maybe?
Okey dokey, enuf of my fucking soap box.
Thanks for stopping by!
Now get off your arse's & go take a gander
at what naughty named polishes
da other Pirates have to show you.
~ Inky

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Gold

Hello Dahlings!
There's GOLD on them there nails!
Yep, today da Glittah Pirates
are showing off their untried gold polishes.
Gold is another gold I don't wear very often.
 After seeing the drippy nails Marisa Hey, Darling Polish! 
did for her purple mani,
I decided I needed to do some too!
 Da line up ~ Jade Mystic Gold
(Paint It Black is still available in da full size bottle!)
I used da largest dotter I have
to create my drippy holo rainbows.
 This is 2 coats of Mystic Gold.
You really can't go wrong with a Jade holo.
Yeah, they cost a bit more than most,
but those rainbows are so worth it!
Next Up ~ Dirtiest Named Polish
(Expect a bit of profanity for this one, Dahlings!)
>^. .^<
Ciri loves to sprawl in front of da fire place,
even when it isn't turned on.
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go plunder da polish gold da other Pirates have to share!
~ Inky

Monday, June 23, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Brown

Hello Dahlings!
I guess I'm on a bit of a earth tone binge
with yesterday's Freaks & Simples mani
being done in Brown & Orange
plus da Pirates doing Brown today & Gold on Wednesday.
These are NOT my fav colors!
Most cuz they just don't look good against my corpse skin.
Sometimes ya just gotta take one for da team.
 My textured double dotted brown mani.
It sure was sparkly!
 Da line up ~ Finger Paints Golden Kisses
& Tribal 10 (from da Born Pretty Store)
Da Finger Paints had a nice texture & bling factor.
Da BPS was pretty enuf but it was more like a glitter bomb
than a true texture polish even tho' that's how BSP bills them.
Oh well, another 2 bottles off of Mt Neverending Pile.
Next up ~ Gold
>^. .^<
I decided to share this meme I got from Debbie Crumpet today,
since one of da cats is a brown & black tabby like my Frau Meyer.
I saved it before she died
 though how it could likely be her final fantasy
considering that Ciri just couldn't leave her alone.
I know she would have pounded him into submission
if she'd just had the strength & energy to do so. LOL
Thanks for stopping by!
I do believe that some of da other Pirates have brown manis to show you!
~ Inky 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Freaking Weekly Challenge ~ Brown & Orange plus Simples

Hello Dahlings!
are starting our 2 color weekly challenge this Sunday
have begun a 4 week tutorial on Dotticures.
What does this mean?
I can combine da 2 challenges!
I have da 1st four Simples manis I did in a file
cuz I couldn't fit them into my self imposed
blogging schedule without doubling up.
This has been bugging me!
I plan on posting them in late July or August
once da Pirates challenge goes on hiatus.
In da mean time & in between time
I can use each pair of Freak holos to do each week's Simples mani!
This week's colors are Brown & Orange.
This week's design is the basic Dotticure.
(Debbie Crumpet did an awesome video tutorial you can watch HERE)
Here is my 2fer mani...
I've done Dotticures before, but not recently.
This is one of the reasons I joined da Simples FB group.
I knew some of da designs would be one's I've done before,
but maybe not recently, others would be one's I've wanted to do
but hadn't gotten to yet & some would be totally new to me.
If you've wanted to learn how to do nail art,
but are afraid to give it a try...
THIS is da group for YOU!
Debbie's been great at picking techniques
that will gradually ease us into more complex designs.
She also does videos to show us how to do them,
so no fear required!
 Da line up ~ LynB Designs Am I Ginger?
(Tami of TDWP is working on closing down her shop for a hiatus & restructuring
of her business. She's been working so hard on TDWP that she isn't doing much else & this is leading to some health issues. She'll be figuring out ways to work smarter not harder while making her polishes available on LE basis. Being successful is great, but not at the expense of family & health. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with for us!)
Lookie at all those rainbows!
 2 coats of Am I Ginger? on index & middle
with an accent of Nice & Toasty on ring.
Next Sunday ~ another 2 color holo polish combo & more dotting!
If you'd like to join da holo fun, go check out
If you'd like to learn how to do nail art on yourself, go check out
Both groups are lots of fun & NO DRAMA!
Just lots of polish & good friends.
>^. .^<
Ziggy (in da back) & Luna sprawling out on da deck.
Egad those cats are fat! LMBBO
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Friday, June 20, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Green

Hello Dahlings!
Today da Glittah Pirates have some green polishes
that for unknown reasons we haven't worn yet.
 I went with a bunch of untried
assorted brands of glittery texture polishes.
I got the idea from Manicurator
I did think it was a bit late to be posting
that Sally Hansen collection of Sugar Shimmers
as they were released last summer,
but better late than never!
I used a trimmed to tiny paint brush
& did random swathes of each color.
A few needed a 2nd coat & one color needed a 3rd,
but over all this was a pretty fast design to do.
 Da line up ~ Julie G Mistletoe, Milani Sugar Coated,
Rimmel Fizzy Applicious, Sinful Colors Emerald Envy
& Zoya Chita
Da Milani was da one pita in da bunch cuz it's in a clear base
& thus needed 2-3 coats for opacity & this turned it into a glitter bomb.
Not a bad thing, but it added to the time I needed to do this mani
& was a pita to remove. Still, it's pretty enuf that I'll let it live.
Also, Julie G Mistletoe & Zoya Chita are dups!
On my middle finger is a sort of chunky 'V' shape
made of dark green polish.
I made it using both dark greens
to see how close in color they really are to each other.
Can you tell which is which or where they meet?
Next up ~ Brown
Have you noticed that we have NINE prompts left?
That's like only 3 weeks!
Where has the time gone?
>^. .^<
Ciri really likes the back yard now that da weeds are gone!
I was trying to get a pic of him sitting on da deck railing,
but he saw me...
What'cha doin'?
 Can I help?
Shall I pose my magnificent tininess to your advantage?
Thanks for stopping by!
Now please go fill your peepers
with da glorious greens of da other Pirates!
~ Inky

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Blue

Hello Dahlings!
I've been wearing a dif design & color on each hand
more often than not this year.
This is really weird for me
cuz I was downright anal
about having my hands match
before I started blogging.
When I started doing challenges.
I realized that doing da same design
on both hands wouldn't be efficient 
& I'd have to paint my nails every night to keep up.
So now I'm used to having dif colors &/or designs on my hands
unless I'll be going somewhere special.
I'll paint my nails da same for a special occasion.
Now just because my hands rarely match anymore
doesn't mean I don't care if they coordinate
cuz my OCD does still care!
So today's Blue mani is similar
but different from Monday's purple mani.
 This one worked better than da purple mani
in that I could actually see the cracks.
I used da same crappy CG white tho
cuz I did both these manis at da same time.
So 2 coats of crappy white,
2 coats of Different Dimension Light It Up Blue,
& 1 coat of sparkly blue crack with a chaser of Seche Vite.
 Da line up ~ CG Snow, Different Dimension Light It Up Blue
& Sally Hansen Wave Break.
Alas, Light It Up Blues is retired...
 ...but it sure glows well!
I've been scaring Mr Inky every night
with my blue glowing teeth monster.
Next up ~ Green
>^. .^<
Me likey da back yard!
 Tanks for getting rid of da yucky weeds so I'se can play out here!
Should I swat dat bug or just sit here looking fabulous?
Tuff choice!
Thanks for stopping by!
Got da blues?
Well da other Pirates can fix that!
~ Inky

Monday, June 16, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Purple

Hello Dahlings!
Today's Neverending Pile prompt is PURPLE!
Yep, I can say with certainty that have untried purple polish.
So I was craving my current fav polish type
& wanted to spiff it up...
The best laid plans of mice & moms oft go awry.
(translation: my mani didn't quite go as planed)
 This is 2 coats of another crappy China Glaze white
(I don't get along with White on White either)
with 2 coats of Princessa 19
& 1 coat of Nicole by OPI Opal Texture.
The white was thick & prone to streaking & patching,
but if I got too close to my skin, it flooded my cuticles. Blerg.
I've used other polishes from da Princessa set,
but this 1 was streaky & patchy. The other's behaved just fine.
(I'm wondering if this bad behavior
was due to the bad white under it?)
The NOPI did crack, but so subtly
that I can only see it when I tilt my hand just so.
It did add a pretty pinkish shimmer to da mani
& that's about da only nice thing I have to say about it.
I finished with my usual coat of Seche Vite...
...and 15 minutes after I had da polish on my thumb
smoosh up while going potty.
This only happens when da base color hasn't cured yet.
In this case it was da toopid CG white causing probs again.
 Da line up ~ China Glaze Snow, Princessa 19 (Pearl Purple)
& Nicole by OPI Opal Texture.
 At least da Princessa glowed for me!
Next up ~ Blue
>^. .^<
Paw won't share his jello with hand made whipped cream!
Thanks for stopping by!
Please go ponder da purple manis by da other Pirates!
~ Inky

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fingers Freakin Weekly Challenge ~ Black

Hello Dahlings!
This is da last of da single color weekly challenge manis!
We'll be doing something different starting next week.
I'll 'splain at da end of this post.
Now on to my pick for this week's black holo polish!
 This is 2 coats of Vapid Lacquer Chick Fight
It has some serious rainbow action going on!
So what next?
Da ever brilliant Fingers Polish Mania & I were contemplating
what to offer da group after this challenge ended.
Da idea of Mani Yatzee was considered,
but then vetoed as being too complicated.
So we came up with a hybrid plan!
We have a list of 12 colors, each with a # assigned to it.
On Wednesdays I'll roll 2 d12 dice
(Yes, they make such things for roll playing games
& Mr Inky is letting me borrow a pair for this.)
What ever #'s come up will be da 2 colors
we'll use for that week's challenge mani!
All polishes will be holographic of course
(What else would a bunch of Holo Freaks use?)
& we'll continue to post on Sundays.
I don't know if we'll have Inlinkz for this next round,
but if you join da Fingers Freakin Holo Freaks
You can not only follow along, but play along as well!
>^. .^<
Mom sent me this adorbs pic of Lil Miss Dee
enjoying a bouquet of tulips...
...she likes to bite da blooms off & bat them about.
Thanks for stopping by!
No go check out da black rainbow goodness
da other Freaks are sporting!
~ Inky