Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Pink

Hello Dahlings!
Today's prompt is one of my fav colors ~ PINK!
I think I may have more violet in my stash,
but not by much.
So I had this grandiose plan of using
around 30 polishes to do a waterfall mani...
then Debbie Crumpet told us that our technique of the week
in the SIMPLES FB group would be using Saran Wrap.
She even showed us how HERE with a video!
My first attempt was not what I'd hoped for,
so I decided to try again using today's mani.
 TADA!!! I like this version much better!
 Da line up ~ Different Dimension Give Me Love
& Polish Me To Go Ever After
I used bubble wrap (as suggested by Debbie)
held in reverse grip tweezers
and splodged away until I liked what I saw.
This is the kind of technique that takes a lil practice
to get the patterning balanced across all nails.
Da results are random & that can take getting used to as well.
 This is 2 coats of Give Me Love.
It was a bit thick & prone to patching
plus it dried to a weird rubbery matte finish.
I forgive it for being persnickety cuz it does this...
 Yep! Both of da polish I used for today's mani gitd.
I've been really tired lately & not thinking outside the box well.
This has led to gitd withdrawal for me.
No, not ever mani needs gitd dark
(yes it does!)
but at least I can add some in here & there.
I gotta be ME!
Next up ~ Red
>^. .^<
I know I've mentioned that Ciri gets da most pics
cuz he's da King of Cute-i-tude
& da others, while lovable, just aren't that entertaining.
Case in point...
 Luna da Hut.
She gained lots of weight while pregnant
& even more after she weaned her kittens.
She's so fat,
she's been known to tip over
going around corners if she's moving too fast.
She's also a total snuggle bug 
that will nuzzle & kiss me while I pet her.
As an added treat this week...
This is my Queen Elizabeth rose.
They are an old variety that isn't grafted
tho da fragrance has been bred out of most modern varieties.
They are also quite prolific in their blooming with few thorns
& are hardy enuf that they can be used as low hedges.
This is my Reign du Violets.
Yes, it's really this bright!
It also has that yummy rose fragrance missing from modern roses.
It's an old fashioned, non-grafted double
& the blooms are maybe 2" across.
This bush is a major pita!
It's very thorny plus prone to leaf mold & aphids,
but da color & scent more than make up for da hassle.
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go fill your eyes with Pink splendor
but visiting da other Pirates!
~ Inky


  1. Even your flowers are pink lol!! zomgggg luna. Weirdly saran manis are on of my favourites

    1. Some of them. Others are purple, but I have pretty much the rainbow in my garden. Yeah, she's round. I like the look, I just hadn't done any before. So I've been on the learning curve. <3


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