Saturday, February 27, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Fashion

Hello Dahlings,

This week the Tarts are doing manis based on fashion.

I'm not a fashionable person.
I rarely follow the trends.
Hell, I wore mostly black & tie dye for 30 years
until I could get me some good neon colors
when the early 80's came back in style.
For some of you, the return of various decades
from the last century are retro fashion.
For some of us, they're a flash back.

Anywho, this week was a stamp camp prep week
& I didn't have the time or inclination to google anything,
let alone browse thru' fashion pics looking for something.

So I grabbed my fav shirt to show y'all some Inky Fashion.

 I found this sweatshirt at Costco in the Early 90's.
It was made with the fuzzy side out & was faux-acid washed,
like so much clothing was back then, so we could all be grungy.
I didn't buy much clothing after this, except some tie dye.
Being a stay-at-home mom, it really didn't matter what I wore
as long as it was easily washed & comfy.

 Meh. I don't hate it.
I matched the colors ok,
but I wish it looked more like the pattern.
This was take 2 as my 1st try was worse.

 The textured line up ~ Milani Shady Gray & Spoiled In Fuchsia,
Glintz Denim teal, Nabi L. Blue & Sally Hansen Sugar Fix.

I used a teeny tiny pointed dotter
to apply the polish over my franken base.
Texture polish doesn't get top coat
cuz that would pretty much ruin the texture.

>^. .^<

Ziggy says basic black is always in style!

Thanks for stopping by
& go see some real fashion inspired manis
done by the other Tarts!
~ Inky

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Grim & Glamorous Zombie Love Mani

Hello Dahlings!

The 4th week of each month is a busy mani time for moi
as I have 3 nail art challenges to post.
My weekly Tart's mani posts on Fridays as usual
plus I post the Hobby Polish Blogger's mani on Monday
& Wednesdays are for my Indie Inlinkz mani.

Um yeah...about that 4th Wednesday challenge mani?
Indie Inlinkz took a break in December & than again in January.
Ok, fine.
We chatted about what we could do in February,
but nothing was officially decided.
And nothing happened after that.
I know the admin is around on FB,
but nothing has been updated in the group.
So for now, I don't know.

We had thought doing a Zombie Love mani for Feb would be fun.

So I did this...

 I luvs me some Zombies!
I've been a solid The Walking Dead fan for year
& I watch most zombie movies that come out
plus have seen all the 'classics'.
I also read dystopian fiction that contains zombies,
oops!, I mean 'infected'.

When I saw a sale post on FB for Grim and Glamorous 
I went to see what they had
& ended up getting a bunch of minis.

This is what arrived...

Holy Freakin' Guacamole People!
I haven't gotten an order with this many extra goodies in a while.
Susan makes opening packages from her really fun! 

 The mini polishes I ordered ~ Harvest Hottie, Wicked Witch,
Shake Your Grove Thing & Some Majestic Beast.
Y'all know I luvs me some dark humor themed polishes!

 The line up ~ Emori White,
Grim & Glamorous Glamour Ghoul & Zombae,
Sally Girl gitd,
Hit the Bottle A Rose By Any Other Name & Absinthe.

 I started my usual franken base then added 2 rich coats of Zombae 
on my pinkies, middles & index nails with a coat of white undies
& 2 coats of Glamour Ghoul on my ring fingers & thumbs.
I then added a coat of Sally Girl gitd & Orly Sec N' Dry.
I had no probs getting those chunky bits out of Glamour Ghoul!

Hit the Bottle Absinthe & A Rose By Any Other Name
and both my new love, The Creative Shop Space Stamper 
to stamp the brains on the Zombae nails
to make the painted in decals on my accent nails.
I sealed all the zombie goodness in with a coat of Seche Vite.

Brains are best when they glow-in-the-dark!
Nom Nom Nom!

>^. .^<

 Ciri isn't a zombie cat,
but he can be as persistent as a zombie after brains
when it comes to sharing his Paw's noms. 

 Is that...yogurts I sees?

Nom Nom Nom!
Ciri loves his fruit yogurt, especially when licked off My Inky's spoon.

P.S. I don't know what's going on in my neighborhood today,
but I was woken up this morning by a helicopter circling over my area
& a police vehicle in the cul-de-sac behind my house with it's lights on.
That was 2 hours ago.
The police vehicle has moved on, but the helicopter is still circling.
We aren't on lock down,
but they haven't found what or whom their looking for either.
Ode de joy.

Thanks for stopping by
& do yo'self a favor by visiting
~ Inky

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hobby Polish Bloggers Present ~ The 1st Indie Brand I Purchased From!

Hello Dahlings!

This month's prompt of "1st Indie Brand You Purchased From"
was easy peasy, nice & squeezy to do!

My very first indie polish buy was from

The very first polish from that 1st order I wore was...

 Peanut Butter & Jelly!
This is 2 luscious jelly smooth coats over my franken base
with a coat of Seche Vite to seal in all that gorgeous goodness.
I remember being so awestruck by how perfectly
this polish looked like grape jelly with peanut bits floating in it.
I'm still impressed nigh on 4 years later!
I wasn't blogging yet, so I don't have an original mani pic to show y'all,
but considering that I was still 'practicing' my basic mani skills,
y'all should just thank me now for not subjecting you to that. LOL

Whimsies are lovingly considered a "Gateway Indie"
in that they are many polish enthusiast's 1st indie brand.
I can whole heartedly recommend Pam's pretties
as a 1st & forever brand to buy from!
The formulas are always perfect,
the glitter combos (Pam's signature polish finish)
are unique with no bleeding or curling
& now she's branched out in creating
crème undies for her glitters that are beautiful on their own
& perfectly compliment her glitter toppers.

Just look at that red!
Starbucks Holiday Cup is Pam's 1st crème (released last December)
& is a perfect match for those familiar drink cups.
The holo accent is Yeah, Magnets!
This is Pam's one & only holo polish, but it's a must have too.

So if you're one of the rare peeps that haven't tried Whimsies yet,
I totally think you should & you won't regret it!

For sneak peeks & new collection release info

>^. .^<

A few month's back, I was making the guest bed
cuz my mom was coming up for a visit.
Ciri decided I needed help...

 What's under here's?

 Da beds good me!

 Was dat over dere?

 Methinks dere might be something under those puffillows.

 Of course I knows what I's taking about!

 Dere it goes again...

...Curses it got away!

Thanks for stopping by
& please share the luvs with the
Hobby Polish Bloggers
& Whimsical Ideas by Pam!
~ Inky

Friday, February 19, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Red

Hello Dahlings!

This week the Tarts are showing you
40 Great Nil Art Ideas using red polish.
My pattern/technique this time is nude base.

So I did this...

I went with sticker stencils. 
I had a few small user error issues, but you get the idea.

 I started with 2 coats of L.A. Colors Mauve Glaze
over my usual franken base coat for my nude base.
This is a crelly-ish polish that isn't quite opaque at 2 coats,
but I knew the stenciled design would help hide the VNL.
It's a bit of a chameleon in that depending on the lighting
& your personal skin tone, it may look pink, peach or light tan.
I tried quite a few nude 'manikin hand' polishes
before I found this one that actually comes close
to my weird pale corpse skin with yellow & red undertones.
I had to putz a bit in editing this pic to get the polish color right
cuz my camera would only see it as tan
when my eyes were seeing as peach in the LED light.
My skin isn't usually that color.

 I used these test design stencils from She Sells Seashells.
I had a few spots where I dinged the polish while removing the stencils.
So I used a tiny dotter to fill those spots in
then didn't wait long enough for the patches to dry
& ended up smearing the design a wee bit.
It still looked pretty good at arm's length.

This thumb swatch is 2 buttery luscious coats,
but I easily could have gotten away with just one!
It's from the Inspiration Collection currently available.

AND...when you buy $15+ now thru March 8th
& use the code ALLTHETHINGS
you'll get 15% off your order!!!
This includes not only Emily's fantabulous polish,

Well? Go get some!

>^. .^<

I'se classy as fuck too! Right, Meowmy?

Thanks for stopping by
& please share the luvs
with the other Tart's!
~ Inky

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Weird Wednesday Comparison ~ Teal Glitter Toppers

Hello Dahlings!

This week I'm comparing four chunky glitter toppers.
What is teal?
Sometimes it's a blue leaning green.
Other times it's a green leaning blue.
I've even seen grayish blues called teal.
I think it's a color name like hazel is for eye color.
It can be whatever the namer wants it to be.

So I dug out 4 chunky glitter toppers
that fit the general concept of teal.
Plus a bonus swatch of a sort of tealish polish.

 The line up ~ Sally Hansen Dark Denim, Ruby Kisses Teal My Heart,
Milani Teal, Sally Hansen 3, 2, 1derland, Orly Mermaid Tale

 This is one coat of SH Dark Denim
that I used as undies for this comparison.
I had a wee bit of a sloppy moment when painting my ring finger
& had a hell of a time getting most of this dark blue jelly
with a fine scattering of blue glitters off my skin & nail bed.
I have a bit of skin along the edge of that nail that's still blue.
I really hope I don't end up with blue stained nails on one hand.

 Now for the comparison...
All nails got one coat of Dark Denim,
then one coat of glitter applied with a full brush dabbing
then spread out using the bottle brush,
followed by a coat of Orly Sec N' Dry.

Pinky ~ Ruby Kisses Teal
The only polish I'd call 'teal' in the bunch.
It's a mix of metallic bluish green small hexes
& fine glitter bits in a clear base.
Not overly exciting, but actually teal as I see it.

Ring ~ Milani Teal
Why do mainstream polish makers cheat by combining green & aqua
& then calling it teal? The world may never know.
It has a mix of small metallic hexes in green, aqua & silver
with fine aqua bits that fill in between the larger chunkies.

Middle ~ Sally Hansen 3, 2, 1derland
Another green & aqua blend.
This one has small metallic green & aqua hexes
with fine green & aqua bits filling in the gaps.

Index ~ Orly Mermaid Tale
This one almost doesn't count as teal.
It's really bright green small holo hexes that flash blue
with fine green bits. It does have bling factor going for it.

All of these work just fine when dabbed on, dry flat 
& would be perfect for a mermaid themed mani.

For your bonus swatch I chose
It has both dark blue hexes & light blue holo hexes that flash green
with scads of fine silver that will build to a glitter bomb in 2-3 coats.
This is part of a LE set made available to The Lady Varnishers on FB
when Kirsten announced that she & Mr TLV
are expecting their 1st mini varnisher later this year!
If you want sneak peeks & occasional discounts
join the Facebook group.

>^. .^<

Shhhh! I'se hiddin' from da birdies.

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Monday, February 15, 2016

My Birthday Nails & Noms

Hello Dahlings!

My birthday was last week,
but Mr Inky was out of town on business,
so we did b~day stuff on Saturday.

1st we went to see Dead Pool.
I knew I was going to love it as soon as I saw the opening credits
& I did as it was MOST EXCELLENT!!!
I won't say anything more about it so those who haven't seen it yet,
don't send out an Inky lynch mob for leaking spoilers.

After that we headed into Seattle to my fav restaurant.
More on that later.

So last September, Mr Inky & I went on an Alaskan cruise
& spent a couple days in Vancouver, BC before driving home.
I was on the hunt for polish I couldn't easily get at home.
I know Louboutins are available in my area,
but not in stores I usually got to for polish.
So Mr Inky bought this polish for me as my official 25 Anniversary gift.
I've been waiting since then to wear for my birthday.
Here are my birthday nails!

 This is 2 coats of Louboutin Scarabee II.
Yes, you read that correctly.
This pic shows the teal green & steel blue.

 This one is taken in indirect light
& shows the dusty purple around the edges.
The 1st coat went on a bit streaky,
but the 2nd smoothed it all out.
A coat of Seche Vite & I was good to go.

I couldn't post this mani without a full bottle shot.
While very cool to look at,
that long handle is heavy & takes getting used to while polishing.
At $50US this brand is rather expensive
& the formula wasn't as good as one would hope
from an expensive couture brand.
This one is special & I don't regret getting it,
but I doubt I'll buy anymore of them.

For noms we went to The Bling Pig Bistro yet again!
I would go there more often than twice a year,
but I'll gladly take what I can get.
This is the Chocolate Creamaux dessert that I call the Chocogasm.
It's not a mousse, pudding or ganache,
but rather something between them all.
This version came with chartreuse oil, brownie crumbles,
rich whipped cream & a chocolate caramel tuile.
I actually got the pic BEFORE I dove in this time. LOL
I can only blame being rather stuffed
from the V~day tasting menu we had consumed.

>^. .^<

 I bored.

 What's dis?

Yummy crunchy bug!

What? You hoomans eat weird stuff all da time.

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Friday, February 12, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Love

Hello Dahlings!

This week the Tarts are showing you 40 nail Art Ideas for love manis.

I did this...

 I started with a coat of white undies,
then added 2 coats of Cuttin' Edge Poison Sugar
& a coat of Orly Sec N' Dry.

Yes, I know I linked y'all to Cuttin Edge & they aren't currently open.
Sara WILL be reopening her shop later this year!

I stamped using Hit the Bottle Snowed In
 Fab Ur Nails plate Fun 10
& my new love, the CSS Space Stamper.
I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite.

Yes, My Online Shop is also closed at the time of this post going up.

Duh! LOL

>^. .^<

What, Ciri, my kitty luv?

I luvs you, Meowmy!

Thanks for stopping by
& please share the love
with the other Tarts!
~ Inky

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weird Wednesday Comparison ~ Green Jelly, Tint or Sheer

Hello Dahlings!

This week I have 3 green jellies that also glow-in-the-dark!

 The line up ~ Emori White 24, Emori Green Light 04,
Nabi Green 04 & Princessa 540-04.
04 must be standard code for neon green?
I got all of these in sets on Amazon,
but only the Emori polishes are currently available.

They may look identical in the bottle, but on the nail all is not the same.
I started with 2 coats of the Emori White for undies as jelly gitds work best
when they have a light background to help reflect the glow.
You can wear them commando, they just may not glow as brightly.
I then added 2 coats of each color, followed by a coat of Seche Vite.

Index ~ Emori Green Light 04
The palest of the 3 at more of a light spring green
than the neon it looks like in the bottle.

Middle~ Nabi Green 04
The color of this one is more saturated than the Emori
& slightly more warm toned then either the Emori or Princessa.

Ring ~ Princessa 540-04
Of the 3 gitd collections, this one is my fav
as the colors are well saturated & lean towards cool tones.

All 3 look a wee bit streaky with the 1st coat,
but smooth out with a 2nd coat.
They can be used as is or for gradients, lead lighting, splodging
& other techniques where sheer, blendable colors are desired.

Time for the glow review portion of this comparison!

The Emori on the left has the softest light
& leans towards a blue green glow.

The Nabi in the middle is the brightest with a neon green glow.

The Princessa on the right is almost as bright as the Nabi
& has a neon green glow.

 I know the Nabi & Princessa gitds aren't available on Amazon right now,
but these brands are available on line
& can sometimes be found in indie beauty supply stores.
They are worth the hunt if you like wearing glow in the dark polish
& want ones that are versatile with a strong glow that has a long shelf life.

The Emori's are currently available on Amazon
& at a reasonable price for the set.
They're just not as pigment saturated
as the other 2 brands & don't glow as strongly.
That said, they aren't a bad polish, just not as good as the other 2.

>^. .^<

 Jazz likes to hide in the dark when she gets spooked.

 If she can't see it, it can't eat her.

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky