Friday, February 5, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Aqua or Turquoise

Hello Dahlings!

This week the Tarts are doing manis using aqua or turquoise polish.
My specific pattern/design is negative space.

I did this...

The negative space technique is not one of my favs,
mostly because I have acrygel overlays.
While they do help protect my claws,
they don't always look very pretty.
Especially when they're due for maintenance,
like they are now.
Plus I have a honkin' huge patch visible on my index nail,
cuz there's only 2-3 millimeters of nail left
between the 2 cracks coming in from both sides.
The cracks of course started at the nail line
& I just want to keep the free edge attached
until it grows out enough to leave me some nail to work with.

 The line up ~ Whim Cover Your Bases base coat,
Whim On Top Of It top coat
& Bundle Monster nail vinyl stencils

 This is 2 coats of Yodelberg with Whim both underneath & on top.
It's a lovely aqua with lots of glass fleck sparklies!
Yes, my overlays really do need maintenance!
This is the thumb nail that got ripped off
across the bed back in November, so I've uber patched it.
The Lady Varnishes always offers top quality polish
& now that Kirsten offers additional finish options on select polishes,
like gitd, holo & flakies, usually for $2 more dollars
I have even MORE reasons to stalk her FB fan group for new releases!

Since my usual franken base is a pinkish flesh tone,
I decided to give the Whim base coat a whirl as it dries clear.
Over my patchy overlays, it didn't fill in the rough spots very well,
but it would have be fine if I'd recently done my maintenance.

I waited until the base coat was completely cured,
then applied the BM starburst stencils.
Those lil buggers did NOT want to stick to my nails!
Now I can appreciate needing to not use an adhesive
that will bond with the polish & tear it when removing the stencil,
but it should at least stick to my nails well enough to use them.

I soldiered on & Yodelberg went on like the buttery dream it is!

I ended up with a few spots where the demarcation between
Yodelberg & the negative space isn't as crisp as I'd like, but oh well.

The Whim top coat isn't labeled as fast dry,
but it dried pretty quickly & had a nice shine to it.
However, it didn't fill in the rough spots any better than the base coat,
so I have some nails that could have used a 2nd coat.

My franken base contains ridge filler,
so these occasional rough spots aren't usually an issue
& Seche Vite tc tends to fill in any spots my bc misses.
This is why I use them most of the time.
Both of the Whims will work just fine for nails
that don't have ridges, peeling or patches.

Uh huh! Now that's what I like!!!

>^. .^<

 Nobody creeping up on my nip from this side...

...not from over here either.
I'll smack any cat who tries!

Luna doesn't like to share. LOL

Thanks for stopping by
& please, don't be like Luna, 
share your love with the other Tarts!
~ Inky

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