Friday, February 19, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Red

Hello Dahlings!

This week the Tarts are showing you
40 Great Nil Art Ideas using red polish.
My pattern/technique this time is nude base.

So I did this...

I went with sticker stencils. 
I had a few small user error issues, but you get the idea.

 I started with 2 coats of L.A. Colors Mauve Glaze
over my usual franken base coat for my nude base.
This is a crelly-ish polish that isn't quite opaque at 2 coats,
but I knew the stenciled design would help hide the VNL.
It's a bit of a chameleon in that depending on the lighting
& your personal skin tone, it may look pink, peach or light tan.
I tried quite a few nude 'manikin hand' polishes
before I found this one that actually comes close
to my weird pale corpse skin with yellow & red undertones.
I had to putz a bit in editing this pic to get the polish color right
cuz my camera would only see it as tan
when my eyes were seeing as peach in the LED light.
My skin isn't usually that color.

 I used these test design stencils from She Sells Seashells.
I had a few spots where I dinged the polish while removing the stencils.
So I used a tiny dotter to fill those spots in
then didn't wait long enough for the patches to dry
& ended up smearing the design a wee bit.
It still looked pretty good at arm's length.

This thumb swatch is 2 buttery luscious coats,
but I easily could have gotten away with just one!
It's from the Inspiration Collection currently available.

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This includes not only Emily's fantabulous polish,

Well? Go get some!

>^. .^<

I'se classy as fuck too! Right, Meowmy?

Thanks for stopping by
& please share the luvs
with the other Tart's!
~ Inky

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