Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Weird Wednesday Comparison ~ Teal Glitter Toppers

Hello Dahlings!

This week I'm comparing four chunky glitter toppers.
What is teal?
Sometimes it's a blue leaning green.
Other times it's a green leaning blue.
I've even seen grayish blues called teal.
I think it's a color name like hazel is for eye color.
It can be whatever the namer wants it to be.

So I dug out 4 chunky glitter toppers
that fit the general concept of teal.
Plus a bonus swatch of a sort of tealish polish.

 The line up ~ Sally Hansen Dark Denim, Ruby Kisses Teal My Heart,
Milani Teal, Sally Hansen 3, 2, 1derland, Orly Mermaid Tale

 This is one coat of SH Dark Denim
that I used as undies for this comparison.
I had a wee bit of a sloppy moment when painting my ring finger
& had a hell of a time getting most of this dark blue jelly
with a fine scattering of blue glitters off my skin & nail bed.
I have a bit of skin along the edge of that nail that's still blue.
I really hope I don't end up with blue stained nails on one hand.

 Now for the comparison...
All nails got one coat of Dark Denim,
then one coat of glitter applied with a full brush dabbing
then spread out using the bottle brush,
followed by a coat of Orly Sec N' Dry.

Pinky ~ Ruby Kisses Teal
The only polish I'd call 'teal' in the bunch.
It's a mix of metallic bluish green small hexes
& fine glitter bits in a clear base.
Not overly exciting, but actually teal as I see it.

Ring ~ Milani Teal
Why do mainstream polish makers cheat by combining green & aqua
& then calling it teal? The world may never know.
It has a mix of small metallic hexes in green, aqua & silver
with fine aqua bits that fill in between the larger chunkies.

Middle ~ Sally Hansen 3, 2, 1derland
Another green & aqua blend.
This one has small metallic green & aqua hexes
with fine green & aqua bits filling in the gaps.

Index ~ Orly Mermaid Tale
This one almost doesn't count as teal.
It's really bright green small holo hexes that flash blue
with fine green bits. It does have bling factor going for it.

All of these work just fine when dabbed on, dry flat 
& would be perfect for a mermaid themed mani.

For your bonus swatch I chose
It has both dark blue hexes & light blue holo hexes that flash green
with scads of fine silver that will build to a glitter bomb in 2-3 coats.
This is part of a LE set made available to The Lady Varnishers on FB
when Kirsten announced that she & Mr TLV
are expecting their 1st mini varnisher later this year!
If you want sneak peeks & occasional discounts
join the Facebook group.

>^. .^<

Shhhh! I'se hiddin' from da birdies.

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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