Sunday, June 22, 2014

Freaking Weekly Challenge ~ Brown & Orange plus Simples

Hello Dahlings!
are starting our 2 color weekly challenge this Sunday
have begun a 4 week tutorial on Dotticures.
What does this mean?
I can combine da 2 challenges!
I have da 1st four Simples manis I did in a file
cuz I couldn't fit them into my self imposed
blogging schedule without doubling up.
This has been bugging me!
I plan on posting them in late July or August
once da Pirates challenge goes on hiatus.
In da mean time & in between time
I can use each pair of Freak holos to do each week's Simples mani!
This week's colors are Brown & Orange.
This week's design is the basic Dotticure.
(Debbie Crumpet did an awesome video tutorial you can watch HERE)
Here is my 2fer mani...
I've done Dotticures before, but not recently.
This is one of the reasons I joined da Simples FB group.
I knew some of da designs would be one's I've done before,
but maybe not recently, others would be one's I've wanted to do
but hadn't gotten to yet & some would be totally new to me.
If you've wanted to learn how to do nail art,
but are afraid to give it a try...
THIS is da group for YOU!
Debbie's been great at picking techniques
that will gradually ease us into more complex designs.
She also does videos to show us how to do them,
so no fear required!
 Da line up ~ LynB Designs Am I Ginger?
(Tami of TDWP is working on closing down her shop for a hiatus & restructuring
of her business. She's been working so hard on TDWP that she isn't doing much else & this is leading to some health issues. She'll be figuring out ways to work smarter not harder while making her polishes available on LE basis. Being successful is great, but not at the expense of family & health. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with for us!)
Lookie at all those rainbows!
 2 coats of Am I Ginger? on index & middle
with an accent of Nice & Toasty on ring.
Next Sunday ~ another 2 color holo polish combo & more dotting!
If you'd like to join da holo fun, go check out
If you'd like to learn how to do nail art on yourself, go check out
Both groups are lots of fun & NO DRAMA!
Just lots of polish & good friends.
>^. .^<
Ziggy (in da back) & Luna sprawling out on da deck.
Egad those cats are fat! LMBBO
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I should jus curl up in your holos

    1. You've threatened to do this before, but I have yet to open a drawer & find you curled up in there. LOL


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