Friday, June 6, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Fugliest

Hello Dahlings!

You're getting a bit of a 2fer today!
Da Pirates are showing off their ugliest untrieds
& it's da 1st Friday of June
& that means Franken time!

Yeah, I made an uber butt ugly polish.
I started with 2 OPI minis that were 10-15 years old.
They had no names or #'s on them
(as is typical for OPI minis)
I had used them both so there wasn't enuf polish left
for me to do another mani with either one.
So I poured them into an empty bottle
& added some clear polish cuz they were a bit thick.
I then added a shaker bead to mix it all up.

One mini was a lavender with a warm golden shimmer.
Da other was a pink with a coppery gold shimmer.
You'd think these 2 would play well together
being so close in color & from da same company?
Both da lavender & pink were lost
& da shaker bead decided to rust
& this caused a reaction with da polish 
that turned da clear base into a body fluid yellow.
I couldn't stand it & took it off in less than 24 hours.
(They can't all be winners. LMBBO) 
Next up ~ 2 Crèmes
>^. .^<
Maybe some Ciri Spam will work like eye bleach?
 I like dis puter bag.
 I really really likes it a lot & I don't know why.
 What? I likes it.
 Rollin on da bag!
Fine. I'll just shed all over it.
Thank for stopping by!
Now go make your eyes bleed
by viewing some of da ugliest polishes ever worn!
(I haven't seen anything uglier than mine!)
~ Inky


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