Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Prettiest

Hello Dahlings!

Picking polishes for today's prompt was HARD!
How would you go about picking your prettiest untried polish?
Going by what one can see thru da glass works...
until you get it on da nail.
It may or may not look like what you hoped for at that point.
Even if it makes for an uber awesome mani...
can you get good pics of it?

Anywho, I ended up with 2 manis for this prompt
& you can decide which one is prettiest.

 This is da mani I went for as my prettiest untrieds.

Chronic Badass is part of a collaboration
Ellagee is doing with Digital Nails
to support awareness of Fibromyalgia,
which both ladies have.
You have until June 11, 2014
to get your paws on these 2 awesome polishes
plus all da goodies they include in da box.
I'm not telling you what da extras are,
you'll just have to go to one of their stores & read about it
or better yet,
order this dynamic duo for yourself
& see what all is in da box when it arrives!

 2 coats of Radiant Orchid!
This is the closest I've found so far for my Holo Grail ~
a strong linear holographic neon purple!
It's truly more orchid than neon purple
as it's a wee bit too light in color,
but it's still awesomeness in a bottle!
I did have something odd happen
when I applied my beloved Seche Vite top coat...

 Do you see da difference?
On da right is my index finger with just RA on it.
On da left is my middle finger with a coat of SV.
Da SV lightened da color!
I don't think I've ever seen it do this before?
I've seen it shrink around da edges.
I've seen it flatten holo rainbows,
but change da color?
That's a new one!

Alas, we're still having a bit of June Gloom
so I didn't get any sun pics of this mani.
*le sigh*

 This is my runner up for prettiest untried polish.
2 coats of Ultra Chrome yumminess with a coat of SV.
As I was sitting here,
right before typing up this post,
I was lamenting a lack of pics showing da color shift
when I noticed that my desk lamp
with it's standard incandescent bulb
was actually bringing some shift out!
So this pic was about 5 minutes old when it got posted.
I only got da purple & magenta to show,
but that's a heck of a lot better
than most of my other attempts.
See why I couldn't decide?
Could you tell one of your babies
that she's prettier than her sisters,
in front of da other kids?
Next up ~ Ugliest
>^. .^<

Your claws may be pretty, Meowmy,
but I da cutest cat in da whole wide room!
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go gorge on da prettiest polish in da blogosphere
that da other Pirates have to show you!
~ Inky


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