Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weird Wednesday ~ Orange Holos

Hello Dahlings!

This week
YES, 2 weeks in a row!
I have a group of 5 orange linear holos from
Carpe Noctem Cosmetics to compare for you!

 Nope, not a dupe in the bunch!
Each polish has its own unique characteristics
that set it apart from its sisters.

This creamy bright orange is packed with multi shifting metallic flakies.
It's from the M For Home collection.

Looking for a warm pumpkiny orange with gold metallic flakies?
This is your polish!
One of 2 yummy oranges from the I Come From The Forest Collection.

Middle ~ Canyon Copper 
This one looks orange in some lights,
but has a definite copper metallic shift with slight pink undertones. 
This is the other must have orange from
the I Come From The Forest Collection.

Ring ~ Gorgeous Gourd Holo
This is a holo'd up re-release from Emily's 1st CNC collection.
A lush dark copper orange sure to warm your cockles.

Pinky ~ Literary Lady.
Why did I include a pink in this comparison?
This is why...

Literary Lady is an old rose to copper shifting polish
of beauty & sophistication.

Not all of these gorgeous oranges are currently available,
but if you have either of the ones not currently for sale
& wondered if getting the others would be adding dupes to your stash,
I can confidently say NOPE, no dupes here!
Each of these polishes stands in its own spotlight
& I can't pick a fav cuz they're all MOST EXCELLENT!

 The line up ~ Joss White, CNC Literary Lady, Gorgeous Gourd Holo,

Me being me, I couldn't just leave my nails as is.
So what does one do with 5 orange nails?

I turned them into butterfly wings!

 I stamped using Bundle Monster plate BM-XL14,
Joss Black & my beloved Original Creative Shop Stamper.

A for a word or 3 on the Joss Stamping Polishes...they suck!
This is the 3 time I've used the black
& I waited over half an hour before adding fast dry top coat
Seche Vite this time
It's also the 3rd time it's smeared.
I used Joss White with a fine tipped dotter to make the dots
& they smeared too, even after a long wait.
You can see the smearing best on my index nail.
I have zero hope for the Lilac Shimmer
& can't recommend this brand for stamping or other nail art.
I don't blame the US stockist I bought them from
as she didn't make the polish
& probable stocked them based on somebody's recommendation.
This is why I haven't linked the Joss to her site.

>^. .^<

Why you use sucky stampy polish over those claw pretties?
Dumb hooman.
Thanks Jazz! I know better now. LOL

Thanks for stopping by
& don't forget that the
Inspiration Collection
debuts this Friday!
~ Inky

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