Friday, January 22, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ 3 Shades of Purple

Hello Dahlings!

This week the Tarts are doing manis featuring 3 shades of purple
plus whatever each blogger's technique for this week may be.

Alas, I have needle drag for my technique.
This is one of my nemesis techniques
along with true water marbling.

That said, I didn't do too badly...

 I didn't say I'd done well! LOL

 The Line Up ~ Cotton Granny Panties franken,
Princessa #540-08 & #540-17

 I started with 2 coats of CGP on all nails.
I then made a couple of decals on my Uber Chic mat
cuz every attempt to do needle drag on my nails has been an epic failure
& Cheyenne from cdbnails made it looks so easy
when she used this method for her Digital Dozen day 5 New & Improved mani.
Um...yeah. See that white line on my ring finger nail?
That's where I pressed too hard with my pointy tool
& created a mini canyon where the base color shows thru the polish.

While my semi fail decals were drying,
I added 2 coats each of the Emori & Princessas
to my pinky (Purple Light), middle (#540-08) & index (#540-17).
I then added a coat of Magik
& realized that maybe I should have waited
until after I took a pic of those 3 polishes without holo top coat.
Oh well, you can see the colors in the decal.

 I added Magik to both needle drag decal accent nails.
I may have been a wee bit heavy handed with the Magik.

I really pressed too hard on this decal,
but Magik makes everything better
or at least more tolerable, right?

I did get a discernable pattern this time,
which is more than I've managed in the past.

 Doing nail art with glow in the dark polishes also makes any mani better!
The Emori didn't glow as strongly as the other 2,
but that set has slightly different colors, so it's a good thing.

 Even my messed up, stubby thumb nails looks better in the dark! LOL
I did this mani last Sunday & I still have gitd polish on my cuties.
Yes, I've washed & lubed my hands since then.
Go figure.

>^. .^<

 Luna loves her some cat nip!

 She'll roll back & forth for quite a while
when there's nip on the floor.

Silly glow in the dark kitty!

Thanks for stopping by
& please share the love
with the other Tarts!
~ Inky


  1. These look so cool! And I love that they're glow in the dark. Needle drag is a technique I've never tried. Great post!

    1. Thanks! Gitd & holo tc can help any mani look better. LOL


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