Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weird Wednesdays ~ Magnetic DIY Decals!

Hello Dahlings!
Yep! You read correctly...Magnetic DIY Decals! I haven't seen this done on any of the plentitude of nail art blogs I regularly hop thru', so this may be an original  idea...or not. Creative originality aside, I think it's a sound concept.
First, go to Gnarly Gnails to learn how to make DIY Nail Art Decals,
if you haven't done them before.
 Da line up: Revlon Pop Star from their Star Attraction magnetic line plus an assortment  of nail art magnets from China Glaze, Sinful Colors & an unknown I got in one of JennaFroggy's Mystery Grab Bag blog sales.
 I started with one coat of Pop Star & wrapped da tips.
(Yes, like many magnetic polishes, this one coater stamps too!)
 I then made decals on my home made template using Pop Star. I placed a magnet over each decal right after I painted it & held da magnet in place for a count of 20. I used a ruler to draw measured boxes on da piece of card board inside da zip bag so I could make my decals large enuf to fit my nails with out wasting polish.
Not great, but not a complete fail either. 
Notes to self for next time:
1) Make a decal base using clear polish (I like Milani Glosse' for DIY decals) then paint da magnetic polish over da clear base. I had a bit of a challenge peeling these off the plastic without stretching or tearing them. (see thumb)
2) Hold da magnet to da underside of da template for a count of 30 or one minute by da clock. I had issues with da polish rising & sticking to da magnets as well as da image fading before da polish dried enuf to hold da design. I think coming in from underneath may also give a crisper image cuz da magnet can be touching da bag without messing up da polish. Plus, one can apply da decals base side up to show da image better.
I will be trying this again cuz I think it has great possibilities!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Omg you just rocked my world. Magnetic polishes frustrate me because of my curved I can get the effects I want. I truly am not worthy of your brilliance and am going to do this and share your link when I'm back on my actual computer..awesome!!!!!¡

    1. Some days I just get lucky with the creativity. LOL


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