Sunday, July 14, 2013

Does It Stamp? ~ L.A. Colors!

Hello Dahlings!
Time is flying fast as I get ready for my trip! My hair is done. Tonight I'll do my uv mani & tomorrow I'll get my face & feet done at Posh Nail Spa, so I can do my pedi tomorrow night. Even with all this to do, I didn't forget about my blog, not completely, tho' I did space last Monday's post & nobody noticed! Teach me to think my blog means anything.  Life has a way of keeping me humble. *laughing uproariously*
So you may have noticed that other than Electrified & Live (both have a metallic foil finish that tends to work well for stamping), I haven't really included L.A. Colors polishes in this series. Mostly due to then seeming rather sheer & needing 2-3 coats for opacity, thus not likely to work well. As I got to the bottom of da pile of polishes I thought might work I decided to test this line even tho' I didn't have high hopes for them. Boy was I wrong! While some didn't work, many did & here's the 1st post showing which one's I have that did past my stamp over black test:
 Animated 540, Magnetic Force 562 & Dessert Dune 463
Golden Treasure 454 & Force 410
Wave Length 570 & Shock 567
Current 657, Sea Siren 580 & Static Electricity 569
Radiation 572 & Wired 566
The colors show up better in person & would look even better with top coat. Are they da best polishes to stamp with? Not so much, but they do show up over black & that's my bottom line when testing a polish for stamping. These are mostly crèmes & a few almost metallic looking shimmers. Crèmes that stamp are hard to find, so I'm all yippy skippy that these worked as well as they did for $1-$2 polishes. Most of my L.A. Colors I picked up at Dollar Tree, the rest at Fred Meyer for $2, tho I did find a 6 pack at Ross for $7 once.
If your budget is tight, these are worth a try!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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