Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Quickie ~ Neon Funky Frenchies!

Hello Dahlings!
Eeek! 2 days from now I'll be on a plane headed for SLC. I still have lots to do & hope sleep is in there somewhere. LOL
I recently went on a polish spree with orders to Amazon, Llarowe, Born Pretty Store & Cassie Cosmetics, on top of some local buys (I'm hoping my BPS holos arrive up before I leave!) & I scored some yummy new neons! I couldn't decide what I wanted to wear 1st, so I decided to start with 4 of them...
 Da line up: Color Club Harp On It, Shany 10, Finger Paints Pop Art Purple, Nina Ultra Pro Violet It Ride, Color Club All That Razz & Finger Paints Warhol Wannabe. (Can you tell I went to  Sally's Beauty Supply? LOL All That Razz is from Llarowe & da black is part of a set of 24 polishes made by Shany that I got from Amazon.)
I started with 2 coats of Harp On It. All of da Halo Hues are totally worth da money! All 12 are strong linear holos that go on fairly smooth & look fantabulous! I did funky French tips using da neons: pinky & thumb ~ Warhol Wannabe, ring ~ All That Razz, middle ~ Violet It Ride, index ~ Pop Art Purple. I added a skinny stipe of Shany 10 using my Essence skinny striper & sealed it all with a coat of Seche Vite.
I wore this for 4 days & couldn't stop staring at my nails or decide which neon I liked best! LOL Mr Inky & I went for sushi & 1 of da gals working there dove for my hand to see my mani. We chatted about nails for a few mo's while Mr Inky rolled his eyes & pulled plates off da belt. He got a really good laugh when da gal sitting around da corner from us told me she liked my hair. Good thing he's amused by peeps reaction to my nails & hair! LOL
I'm hoping to write up 2-3 posts & schedule them for while I'm gone, but between what I have to do for my trip & my totally techtardness, this may or may not work. If it doesn't, I'll be back Sunday & will post if I have da energy or Monday after I've gotten some rest.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky 


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    1. Thanks! This is my fail safe back up mani...double line funky French. It shows off the base color & is VERY easy to do.


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