Sunday, July 7, 2013

Does It Stamp?

Hello Dahlings!
Here's a few more polishes I found that can be used for nail art stamping:
 Sally Hansen Ruby Diamond 13 (linear holo)
& Sally Hansen Ruby Diamond LE (scatter holo)
Orly Beautiful Disaster, Milani Fast Dry Fast Fuchsia & L.A. Colors Art Deco Hot Pink
(I decanted this nail art polish into an empty ELF bottle & added a smidge of clear polish to thin it so I could use it as a base color & for stamping.)
 Sinful Colors Magnetism, Sally Hansen Shoot the Moon & Kleancolor Storm Cloud
(Storm Cloud is another nail art polish I decanted into a regular polish bottle with some clear polish cuz I like da color enuf to want to use if for more than just nail art.)
Sally Hansen Diamond LE
All of my vintage Sally Hansen polishes (unless I bought them back in da day) are from Cassie Cosmetics on eBay where many vintage polishes are available & some are even priced less than they were in da stores. Free shipping for $75+ orders!
I have lots more polishes to test for Does It Stamp show & tell in da weeks to come!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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