Friday, July 5, 2013

First Friday Frankens!

Hello Dahlings!
My Dahling Polish Daughter, Swishie (she's having a non-UK Give-a-way right now!), recently lamented that she missed the Friday Frankens series I did last February. So I thought I'd bring it back in a slightly different way: First Friday Frankens! So from now until...whenever...I'll show a mani using one or more frankens I've made on da 1st Friday of da month. 
 Da line up: Reflex Violet Bling & Sassy Cotton Candy
 I applied 3 coats on each nail for full opacity.
I really have to stop going without undies...too breezy!
 Reflex Violet Bling started as L.A. Colors Sassy iridescent glitter in a clear base. I added Reflex Violet craft pigment powder to it. (This is the same powder I used HERE )
 Sassy Cotton Candy started as Wet N' Wild Kaleidoscope. I added Gumballs Sassy polish & Kleancolor Silver Star. Alas, da stars decided to stick to da side of da bottle 
& are a royal pita to fish out, but da color & sparklies are fun.
TA DA! I applied some Pueen nail art stickers that matched da polish colors
then I added a coat of Seche Vite to finish.
A word about these nail art stickers...I needed to use da flat end of a cuticle stick to get them off da backing plastic & slightly tore a couple cuz they really didn't want to be moved plus I highly recommend using a pva glue base coat when using them cuz they don't play well with acetone. They're on a plastic-y material that doesn't dissolve well but isn't impervious to da remover, so I had bits of sticky plastic to remove from my nails that were worse than glitter to deal with. I got them in a set of 10 packages on Amazon & they have a really nice assortment of designs that are different than many I've seen (I am so not into lil girly flowers, ya know?) at a reasonable Add-on price.  But I will have to remember to use da pva bc or I'll be saying bad words every time I have to remove them cuz I like da designs enuf to use them again.
Thanks for stopping by!
(My gaw has ended, da winners have been notified
& are listed on da gaw page. Thanks to all who entered!)
~ Inky


  1. W&W Kaleidoscope is my "go to" glitter when I know I want something sparkly but can't decide.

    And thanks again for the giveaway! I am stalking my mailman while I wait for my goodies!

    1. It's great for making sparkly frankens too! LOL

      You should have your prize by the end of this week.

  2. ooooo cotton candy!! Those decals are pretty cool. Cheaters way too water marbling muhahaha. YAY franken fridays

    1. Finger lickin' good! lol I'm not promising a new franken every Friday, but at least the 1st Friday of each month will show something that I've concocted.


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