Friday, July 26, 2013

One Last Neon Gradient

Hello Dahlings!
This is the last of my pre-SU convention test nails...really! I promise!!! I won't tell you its da last neon gradient you'll ever see on my blog, but no more pink/purple/blue ones for at least a few weeks. Ironically, I didn't use any of the polishes I tested for my SUcon  mani/pedi.
 Da line up: Orly Day Glow, Savvy Party Pink, Sinful Colors Dream On,
China Glaze Splish Splash & Color Club Diamond Drops.
 2 coats of Day Glow. It was getting kinda thick (perfect for stamping!) so I added a few drops of thinner & ended up with bubbles. Blerg. I no like bubbles in my undies!
I added da gradient using a bit of sponge. Party Pink & Splish Splash are on da sheer side, so I did a 2nd sponged layer using just those 2 polishes. Dream On kinda got lost in da mix.
I topped da gradient with one coat of Diamond Drops. This polish drives me nuts! (short trip!) Da silver holo shards tend to sink to da bottom of da bottle between uses plus I have to fish them out & dab them on to get any kind of decent coverage. If I didn't love how it looks on my nails, I'd be tempted to franken with it or chuck it in da bin. Still, I like da shards of rainbow flitting about my nails, so I guess it can stay.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Your nails are a lovely length at the moment! And heck, who doesn't like holo shards? They're bad children who know they can get away with bad behaviour haha! Fab mani as always x x x

    1. Thanks! Yeah, its a love/hate friendship for sure. LOL


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