Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weird Wednesday ~ 4th of July mani with Shany Nail Art Pens

Hello Dahlings!
EEEK! I leave for SUcon in a week & have a bazillion things to do before I go. *gasp*
Even with all da chaos, I do have another nail art product test to share with you...
 This is the set of 12 duo color (24 colors total) Shany Nail Art Markers I'll be showing you today. I got them on Amazon for about $20 with my Prime account. Da set has crèmes. metallic, pearls & fine glitters that cover da rainbow & then some. A couple look like dups, but they have different finishes which makes them fairly versatile for my nail art adventures.
 Da line up: China Glaze Splish Splash, silver holo stars, pearl red & white Shany Nail Art Markers. The markers are held in pairs with a lil plastic ring that both pens screw into. I separated these 2 colors from their pals for this mani. Da stars are from a Bundle Monster set of 48 lil bottles of nail art bling, also from Amazon, for $14 with Prime. Da bottles in this set are almost twice the size of da lil bottles of bling usually sold with glitter & gleequins etc in them & offer a great selection of shapes, styles & colors to play with on your nails.
 2 coats of Splish Splash. It's a jelly-ish polish & went on smooth.
 TaDa! I used da pen tips on da markers to make wavy lines on my index & thumb. I used a china white pen & Orly Top2Bottom to applied da stars on my other fingers in wavy lines. I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite. Da stars could have used a 2nd coat of SV, but surprisingly, da SV smoothed over da lil ridges of da wavy lines no prob. Da pens weren't too hard to use, I just had to maintain even pressure on da barrel. I actually wore this on both hands July 3rd, 4th & 5th.
The brushes on these markers are ok, a lil thicker than I like for nail art, but they'll be fine for most things & da pen tips will work well for dots & coloring in DIY Decals. 2 really nifty things about pens like these is that da metal pen tip can be cleaned by dipping it in acetone for a few seconds if da polish clogs da tip & da barrels can be refilled with regular polish that is close in color & finish to what's in there. Da barrels are made from a soft-ish plastic that may not react well to acetone, so washing them out to put a very different color in them is something I'm not going to try right now.
Over all I recommend these pens for nail art, tho' using paint brushes & a dotting tool work just as well. It really depends on your budget & which is more comfy for you to use when painting or drawing on your nails or decals.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky 


  1. SUCON soooooooon yay for you

    1. I've been so frazzled that I completely spaced posting last Monday. LMBBO


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