Sunday, July 28, 2013

Does It Stamp! ~ Shany Polish, Set #1

Hello Dahlings!
When I saw this set of 24 polishes from Shany on Amazon for $30ish (no s/h!) I thought ' That's $1.25 per bottle. What the heck, why not?' I did have a bit of a spillage issue when my boxed set arrived that had to have happened before it left the manufacturer's cuz that puppy was wrapped up well. You can see below that between da molded plastic trays that hold da bottles so they don't bump, da shrink wrap, da plastic box over da shrink wrapped bottles, da paper box with logo & pics, (not pictured) da brown cardboard shipping box this set comes in...breakage wasn't da issue. (all this plus Amazon put da brown box inside another, larger box with brown packing paper) No, da leakage was from a bottle top not properly secured before they wrapped this set up for shipping. You can see da dark yellow polish on da 3rd bottle from da left & da leak went all da way to da last row. That's 4 bottles with polish on da outside. Plus 2 other bottles has small leaks that covered da threads under da lids, but didn't make it to da outside of da bottle. Plus another polish was almost dried out to da point that even with lots of thinner added, it's still too thick & goopy to use for a base color. Amazon promptly gave me my money back cuz they don't do returns/exchanges on polish they ship from their warehouse. I spent about an hour cleaning up all da leaked, semi-dry polish & other than da lid of da dark yellow polish getting melted a bit by da polish, all 24 bottles are usable.
One of da reasons I got this set was da hope that some of them might be good for stamping...
 #'s 20, 7 & 23
 #'s 03, 08 & 02 (03 was da leaker & 02 was da uber goopy one)
 #'s 22 & 01
 #'s 19, 24 & 06
 #'s 21 & 18
 #'s 05, 04 & 17
#'s 10, 16 & 09
I tested 19 of da a 24 bottles (5 are glitter toppers that don't work for stamping) & all 19 worked! #'s 07, 03, & 22 didn't show as well over black cuz they're more jelly than crème, but they showed up well enuf over white to be usable for stamping. I haven't showed a lot of crème polishes in this series cuz da one's I have generally didn't work for stamping when tested. They were either too sheer or too thin. Da L.A. Colors surprised me by working, but these Shany polished made me happy cuz they mostly stamped a strong image over black...even da light pink! 
Even with da leakage issues, I can recommend this polish set to anyone wanting inexpensive polishes for nail art stamping. If you have da same leakage problem, just contact Amazon & they'll take care of you. Shany also offers a 2nd set of 24 polishes that are different from da colors/finishes in da set I have. Alas, they have been out of stock for a while now, but I'll keep checking cuz if they are as good as da one's I have, I'll be happy to make room for them in my collection.
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~ Inky


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    1. I thought so too! The quality of the stamping makes this set worth the clean up. LOL


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