Monday, July 1, 2013

Stone Cold Electra KSM

Hello Dahlings!
Holy Freakin' Guacamole is it HOT! I know our North Wet heat wave doesn't sound like much to most of you, but consider this...since we don't gets 90+ temps all that often, most of us don't have air conditioning 'cept in our cars. We just get to sweat it out.
So to take my mind off how my body parts keep sticking to each other,
here's your Monday quickie:
 Da line up: L.A. Colors Electra & China Glaze Stone Cold
 2 coats of Electra
I applied a coat of SV then added da following using Stone Cold: pinky ~ skinny stripes using my Essence striper brush; ring ~ leopard spots using my dotting tool; middle ~ horizontal stripes using a short detail brush; index ~ double dots using my dotter (a fail cuz Electra isn't opaque enuf to show up well against Stone Cold); & thumb ~ curved stripes using French Tip sticker forms. I left da Stone Cold un-top coated so I could enjoy da contrast of textures.
This magenta is one of my all time fav colors! I've waited 30 years for it
& a few other 80's favs to make a come back. LOL
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~ Inky


  1. Your life is complete now ;) I will admit its a very nice magenta

    1. It's not to everyone's taste, but it sure makes me happy! lol

  2. Very pretty magenta and it's one of the LA colors that really covers well! But...does it stamp?? :)

    1. We'll find's in my 'to be tested' bin. LOL


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