Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weirder Than Usual Wednesday ~ SUcon mani, pedi & hair!

Hello Dahlings!
At the time this was supposed to up on da blog last week, I was sweatin' my flip flops off in Salt Lake City, UT at da 25th Anniversary Stampin' Up! Convention & Mr. Inky was home dealing with 4 cats wondering where mom went.
Wanna see what all I did to decorate my inky self for da trip? This post has lots of pics & by lots I mean 14. One of those pics shows my pedicure, da rest are my mani & hair. You've been warned...
 Da line up: Shany 18, Finger Paints Pop Art Purple, Color Club All That Razz,
China Glaze Fairy Dust & Nubar Black Polka Dots.
 I started with 2 coats of Shany 18 over a UV gel base coat. This blue is unique to my stash & was part of the 24 polish set I got from Amazon. It tended to be patchy if I went over it, so da best application method is to use as few strokes as possible on da 1st coat & smooth it over with da 2nd coat. It dried really fast to a high gloss!
 I added a gradient with a bit of sponge using S18, Pop Art Purple & All That Razz. Da neons are a wee bit sheer, so PAP got 2 sponged coats & ATR got 3 to make them closer to da color in da bottles.
 I then added a coat of Fairy Dust for some sparklies.
 Followed with a coat of Black Polka Dot. This polish is a fine black matte glitter with small round matte black bits in a milky base that dries clear. I had to fish a bit to get at least one dot on each nail.
 I did my toes to co-ordinate & put a 2 & a 5 on da big toes. Da skittled lil toes have Fairy Dust & Black Polka Dot over da base color.
I could have done da letters & #s with single rhinestones placed one at a time, but I used this sheet of self adhesive rhinestone letters from Hobby Lobby instead. (I'm silly, not toopid lol) I cut up a couple of slightly flawed letters to make da 2 & 5. I was going to finish my mani with Seche Vite UV gel top coat, but my hands reacted so badly to da UV when I did da base coat (they tend to go painfully numb from circulation issues & carpal tunnel in my fingers as it is) that I decided to skip that step & do a double layer of regular SV instead with my toes getting a single coat of regular SV. Me thinks I may have to either try an LED lamp for my once or twice a year gel manis or give up on doing them for when I travel. It's really, really hard to paint one's nails when one can't feel one's hands & they hurt with uber pins & needles. #8(
Now for da hair:
 Mr Inky & I did 3 beaching sessions over 2 days to get da rest of da hair with old drug store permanent dye all white so I wouldn't end up with green, burgundy or brown streaks when we dyed it. It took us almost 3 hours to apply da dye in random sections plus another 1 1/2 of wait time so da colors could absorb well. I normally need 3 oz of dye to do my hair with this type of semi-permanent dye that lasts 3-6 weeks on average & comes in 2oz tubes, 4oz jars & 4oz bottles. So I ended up with lots of left overs over da last year that we used for this color bomb. We used Color Jam Party Pink, Manic Panic Ultra Violet (my fav color of da bunch) as well as Ion Brights Violet, Fuchsia & Aqua. I buy all of my bleaching & dying supplies from Sally's Beauty Supply.
Uni, uni, uni-corn! My bangs getting their aqua tipping.
Mr Inky's t-shirt when we were done. I told him to either go topless or wear a shirt he didn't care about...he opted for da shirt & took great childish pleasure in wiping his gloved hands on his shirt when they got too goopy.
Yeah, a few of those paw prints are mine. LOL
 My head is tipped back so you can see da top of my head.
My hair only goes to da middle of my back, not my waist.
 A closer look at da front...da purple streak is da Ultra Violet. Yummy! Da light in da bathroom kinda washed out da color in da mirror pic, but this one really shows da true colors of my hair. I don't follow da Ion sealer directions to apply sealer & wash out after 15 minutes. I leave it in over night & tend to get 8+ weeks of color over da average of 3-6 weeks. It will fade a lil every time I wash it (it looks like I slaughtered a cartoon character in da shower for da 1st week or 2 after I do a dye job lol) but I love how this turned out & will enjoy it while it lasts.
So there you have it, my sucon 2013 nails & hair. Me likey!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. It's all awesome! That is rock star hair x x x

    1. Thanks! It's been great fun & I did such a good job sealing it that I haven't been sweating color in the heat. lol

  2. Why the hell doesn't my hobby craft sell the rhinestone letters so small -__-?! Fab job on all 3 fronts. Did the rhinestones survive?

    1. The letters aren't all that small at 12x9 mm (I measured the D), I just have big hands. LOL Thank you DPD! Yes they did! 2 coats of SV worked well, except for some shrinkage near my cuticles that looked like a week's grow out the morning after I did them.

  3. Have to say I never use nail glue or anything just seal them in with Sv and they dont budge. My holiday nails wore of the sv on top of the rhinestones & pearls though but they were on at least 5 days before I removed them. NEYYYY you unicorn

    1. Me either, just top coat to glue bits down if they aren't self-adhesive. Getting nail glue off is worse than removing a glitter bomb. LOL

  4. Love everything about this!!! Your nails and toes are fantastic and you hair is amazing!!!! :)

    1. Thanks! You could do some fun color in your goldy locks too, ya know. LOL


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