Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weird Wednesday ~ Signo Gel pen DIY Decals

Hello Dahlings!
I am determined to find da 'perfect' nail art pens in a craft/office supply store/section! Why? Cuz I'm stubborn & have many other things I should be doing with my time. Toopid OCD tendencies...blerg. Here's this weeks experiment...
 This is the package of Stanford Uni-ball Signo 207 gel pens I got from Amazon.
 I did some pre-mani testing/comparisons against some other pens from this company.
 The group on the left are da Signo pens & the group on da right are the assorted others. The other SUB pens: Signo black (a thicker tip, from an older purchase), Impact blue, gold & silver (I've tested da gold & silver before & they work great!) & Vision green. I applied a coat of Seche Vite to all of the pen lines while da ink was still wet cuz I was having a wait problem. (Da smearing of da Signos over da white polish isn't from da TC, it's cuz da ink didn't look dry yet & I wanted to TC da samples, so I blotted it with a tissue & smeared it. Blerg.) Don't look at da white test strip, look at da silver & black ones. Notice that da Signos are mostly opaque over black & show well over da silver plus they make a nice thin line. Da black, blue, silver & gold from da 2nd group also work just fine. Da green Vision ink does not work over polish. While da gold & silver pens dry pretty quickly on polish, da Signo dry time is much longer.
 Da line up: L.A. Colors Live & Signo pens in black, violet & pink
 2 coats of Live. This is a really good silver foil polish for only $1-$2! I usually get mine at da Dollar Tree for a buck, but Fred Meyer also carries this line of polish for $1.99.
Ta Da! I made DIY Decals using Milani Glosse top coat & da pens. Making decals should give da pens time to dry before applying them to my theory. Maybe if I'd waited longer than 15 minutes, they might have dried...eventually. Since I didn't want to wait & my testing showed that tc could be added over da ink while it was still wet without smearing, I went ahead and applied them using da Milani as 'glue'. If you use these pens, you have to be very careful to pick da decals up with tweezers in a non-inked place & not move them around much once you set them on your nails or da ink can smudge. I had a wee bit if a problem with this on da tip of some nails. My index & middle show it da most. Over all I have to call this test a finicky success. These pens do write on polish & can be top coated if one is very careful to not smear them while wet or wait until they dry completely. (If you do try these pens & opt to let them dry completely before adding tc, please let me know how long they take? lol) 
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