Monday, December 22, 2014

CNT 52 week Pick N' Mix ~ Gray & Distressed

Hello Dahlings!
Everybody ready for da Holidays?
Yeah right.
Da only thing with holiday cheer around my house are mah nails!
This week's Tart prompts are gray & distressed...
 I decided I needed me some candy canes.
from The Little Lacquer Bean &
da Candy Cane Stencil from She Sells Seashells.
Da polishes...
 2 eye blinding, blingtastic coats of Silver Bells
from The Devil Wears Polish.
 It's a silver holo & metallic silver glitter bomb!
I added one coat of Nightmare Before Christmas
da polish on da right side of da group pic
from The Devil Wears Polish
to my rings & thumbs for an accent
of pitted, decaying silver.
 This polish really is anything but fugly!
It's chock full of lil red, green, black & silver sparkly bits! purple sparkle snuck in to photobomb da pic
I used Anne Kathleen Alumina with da stencils
cuz I wanted gitd candy canes but alas,
even tho' da bottle is generously loaded with da gitd pigment
da small surface area I applied da polish to didn't allow for much glow.
They glowed in real life, just not enuf to capture da glow on da nail.
A full nail application will glow just dandy fine!
>^. .^<
Jazz, Luna & Ciri in da same pic & no food is present?
What is da world coming to? LOL
Thanks for stopping by
& please go visit da other Tarts!
~ Inky


  1. so pretty!
    I love the result of this manicure ;)

    Your nails look great <3 xx

  2. Wow, I never would have thought that was a stencil. They work way better than I thought they would!

    1. They're really easy to use! You just have to peel them off from the same end you started applying the polish or the polish may peel off due to drying too much. If I can't be a good example, I'll settle for being a horrible warning. LOL


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