Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Hair & Nails to Match Plus Turkey at Mom's!

Hello Dahlings!
So it was hair coloring time again & then I did nails to match
for our annual trip to mah Mom's for Turkey Day.
Yes, I know I owe y'all blue hair & nails from September!
This post has a butt-tonne of pics,
so go potty & grab a beverage
cuz y'all are gonna be here for more than a mo.
So here's mah hair after I added Color Jam 2 Raspberry Kamikaze
over da blue & pink leftovers.
 da back & bangs, combed
 da left side
 da right side
 da underside
Mr Inky went chintzy on da dye
& I have a big patch o' blue showing thru.
Is s'kay cuz I like blue in mah hair.
For mah matching nails...
InDecisiveLacquer Black Ichor, Republic Nail silver
& LynB Designs Frosty Snot
& my small dotter
 I could have done this part da easy way by painting 1-2 coats of IGIP
& then painting da dashes with Ultra Violet using da 000 brush...
but I just had to do it bass-akwards.
I painted da dashes then painted in around them.
This resulted in mah having to go over everything 2-3 times
& made a bit of a lumpy mess on my nails.
 Damn if they didn't glow awesomely!
 I then added a coat of Black Ichor.
This thermal is clear with a waxy finish when warm
& turns black when cold.
 I used da dotter with da RN silver to add dots to my dashes.
 Followed by a coat of Frosty Snot & Seche Vite!
Da finished mani when warm...
 ...when cold...
...and in da dark!
Did I go overboard with this mani?
Maybe, but I had lots of fun with it all week.
>^. .^<
This part of da trip pic spam is da on da road pics.
 I ready to go! Wait...what's dat smell?
Somebody PEED on my carrier...EEEEEEW!
Ciri jumped in as soon as I got his carrier out,
but even with scrubbing & spraying,
I couldn't get da stank out in time to use it this trip.
Ciri had to use Meyer's carrier & it's smaller than his,
but he's mostly objecting to the door being closed.
 Aw! It's a rainbow not on my nails.
 I in my fav Paws belly/armpit.
Heading home!
 Hmmm...thar looks to be snow falling on that thar mountain!
 Snow? Where? I no got da furs for deep snow!
 There it is! My Inky's fav driving conditions...near white out. NOT!
 Where is Ciri? He got bored & crawled into his carrier.
He snoozed da rest of da 4 hours.
 Da trees sure looked pretty!
Da world in monochromatic.
This is what we came home to...snow!
Not so much as a flake fell while we were at Mom's,
but home got 1-2 inches. Weird.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Beautiful, albeit scary, driving conditions!

    1. Fortunately, Mr Inky learned to drive while living in Utah. So our piddling snow doesn't bother him. LOL Dealing with those that don't know how to drive in snow is scarier than the snowy roads. :P


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