Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holo top Coat Comparison!

Hello Dahlings!

A week or so ago I pondered doing a holo top coat comparison.
I decided to go for it as I'd collected a few more polishes
that claimed to be holo toppers since da last comp I did.

 I started with 2 coats of American Apparel Neon Violet.

 I then used French tip stencils
to add various arcs of Sally Hansen Night Fright
I then added a quick coat of SH Dries Instantly & ate dinner.
For dessert I used one coat of each topper
over da base colors for this comparison.
I'm evaluating strength of rainbow,
silvering & shifting of the base colors.

 Left hand line up ~ Born Pretty Store Holographic #1,
Cutting Edge Polish Ocean Pearl

index ~ Holo-y Goodness adds nice gentle rainbows
without silvering the colors too much
middle ~ alas, Ocean Pearl isn't really a topper
& I don't know how many coats
it would take to build to opacity
ring ~ Leather & Lace adds good rainbows w/o much silvering
I just wish there wasn't so much melodrama around this brand.
pinky ~ BPS #1 adds a bit more silver to da base colors,
but it isn't a bad holo tc.
The price of this lil 6ml bottle however,
makes it only a good buy if it's on sale.

 Right hand line up ~ Glitzkrieg War Paint Sequin (link unavailable),

pinky ~ Sequins was listed as a topper,
but it silvers the base color more than I like
tho' da rainbows is strong.
ring ~ My Private Rainbow (L) has da weakest rainbow,
but it doesn't silver or shift the base
& a 2nd coat can be added for a stronger rainbow
w/o silvering or shifting da base color much.
middle ~ Frosty Snot has been my go to holo tc
since I got it as a Black Friday ordering bonus last year.
I love the name & it adds nice rainbows w/o too much silvering.
It's da standard by which I judge all other holo tcs.
index ~ Diamond is a weird polish.
It's too silver to be used as a topper,
but too sheer to worn alone
unless one is willing to wear 4+ coats.
Blerg. Maybe I need to franken this?

Of da polishes still available,
I recommend da following in order of
best rainbows, non-silvering or base color changing:
I still have a small hope
that Jenna will re-release Frosty Snot at some point,
but until then there are other good holo toppers available.
>^. .^<
A black cat comparison for y'all!
 Luna da Hutt on da left, Ziggy Bear on da right
& Jazz in da back.
All are fat black cats,
but Luna is da fattest,
Ziggy's tail is kinky & his fangs show
& Jazz has 3 white markings.
Ziggy loves his momma & grooms her every day!
He also grooms his sister, Jazz, when she lets him.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I have been collecting holo topcoats, and so far i am disappointed in them. I think my standards are too high, like maybe i am expecting to make a cream polish magically become a holo polish. i have tried Above the Curve Every day is a Holo-day, ILNP my own private rainbow (L+S) and Carpe Noctem Dinglehopper. People really like Chirality ectoplasm, and Ellagee Rainbow Syrup.

    1. Most holos tend to be either jelly or crelly bases, so the holo is visible from inside the polish. TCs sit on top & yeah, they're less satisfying than 'real' holos. LOL Half the battle with making holos in general is being able to add enough spectraflair (or other brand of holo additive) to get a good rainbow, but without silvering or color shifting the base color too much. Certain pigments readily shift colors when holo is added. i.e. yellow & neon purple are 2 that tend to come out very different than the base color pigment if too much holo is added. Toppers have similar issues of balancing good rainbows without ruining the base color. The good ones I tested managed to add good rainbows (not as strong as a good holo, but acceptable) without silvering or changing the base too much. I use real holos most of the time, but every once in a while I want rainbows over non-holo nail art, so having a decent topper is a good thing. :)


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