Monday, December 15, 2014

A Monday Quickie for Y'all feat. Anonymous Lacquers!

Hello Dahlings!
So here I was thinking I was so on top of my shiz
cuz I had gotten my Tart's gray/distressed mani done for today.
Uh huh...that's next week's prompt. Blerg.
So I'll be posting this week's prompt
crinkle tape cut with craft scissors/glitter topper
later this week.
However, I couldn't let my dahling readers go without
something fantabulous on a Monday!
I recently ordered & promptly received 
a few of Mildred's Anonymous Lacquers
& since deciding which one to wear 1st was nigh on impossible...
 ...I went with wearing all of them!
Included as a thank you bonus
were these bling'd up lil masks just like the AL logo!
I use top coats I don't like to wear as actual top coats
to glue my bling on then use a liberal coat of Seche Vite
over, around & under da edges
of chunky bling to keep them attached.
So far I've only lost some larger flat studs using this method.
I discovered that After Party & Rainbows After Dark
are close in color value, thus da RAD stripes play peek-a-boo.
No matter to likey!
plus da Essence skinny striper I used to make my stripes.
All of Mildred's beauties go on buttery smooth!
 The holotastic-ness of After Party
is a wee bit of a challenge to capture in pics,
but trust moi when I tell you sunglasses are recommended!
Mildred is having a sale on all single bottles right NOW!
So get your Anonymous Lacquer beauties before they're sold out!
>^. .^< you flirtings wif me?
Das ok cuz I luvs you!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. You know...if you turned that mask upside-down, it could also be a mustache...

    1. You're right! I hadn't noticed that, but I love a good repurposing. <3


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