Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My NYE Mani feat. Bear Pawlish & the BEST Stamper EVER!

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have for y'all my New Year's mani that I put on last night
& will be wearing until at least Saturday night, if not Sunday.
It's not my best mani ever, but it's good 'nuf
plus I 'discovered' a couple of most excellent things
that I just gotta share with y'all!
Here be mah nails...
 Lookee...REAL SUN!!!
 Da line up ~ I'll Take Mine To Glow franken;
pic taken in REAL SUN!
 ITMTGP is a white glows violet franken I created.
I used one coat as unders.
It glows much brighter than this in RL.
 I then stamped using plate Pueen 80
from the Stamping Buffet Leisure Collection
available on Amazon.
This is the Creative Stamper made by Ksenija Budjuga.
She lives in Kyiv, Ukraine,
where she manufactures this must have nail art tool.
The head is 1 1/2" (3.5cm) in diameter & uber squishy!
It comes with a metal holder that can double as a shot glass.
My 2 biggest fail issues when it comes to stamping on my nails
are stampers not picking up da whole design
& so called XL stampers (even da rectangle ones)
not being quite big enough to stamp da full image
onto my longer than average nails.
With no stress, I was able to stamp most of my nails in ONE try!
Yeah, I still need a butt-tonne of practice,
but I foresee my stamping skills improving greatly in 2015.
I credit this awesome score to XOXO, Jen
(who became my #1 nail enabler in 2014)
when she turned me on to da Creative Stampers FB ordering group.
Alas, thanks to a few peeps who just couldn't follow
da very simple instructions, this group is now closed
& not doing da group orders anymore.
Do not despair!
Ksenija has found 4 distributors 
& is working on getting us more
international access to her stamper!
All of these e-tailers ship internationally
& carry other nail related products.
 I also added some black & silver kitty stickers.
I think these are either from Amazon or Born Pretty Store?
I did 2 coats of Seche Vite
& think I may need another to fully seal these to my nails.
While they seem to be stuck down well,
I can easily feel da silver spots & da edges of da stickers
& don't want them to peel off while Mr Inky & I
are at da beach or da wedding we're going to this weekend.
That would suck.
 I think all da tc is messing with da gitd polish
getting enough light to glow well enough for me
to get a decent pic...
or my gitd pic mojo needs a recharge.
Something else to work on in 2015!
Last, but certainly far from least...
 I tried a new cutie product & I LOVE IT!!!
Emily has come up with a FANTABULOUS formula
that works very well for not only cuticles,
but any other skin that needs lubing.
She calls it her 'Everything Balm'
& it contains a blend of 13 organic moisturizing
ingredients that absorb into da skin quickly,
leaving it soft & non-lizardy.
It is a wee bit greasy when applying it,
but that goes away as it absorbs.
While it is officially unscented,
it does have a slight fragrance from da cocoa butter in it.
This sweet, rich, vaguely chocolaty scent is very subtle,
like I have to stick my fingers right under my nose to smell it
and doesn't linger, so don't think of it as a scented product.
It's also very reasonably priced for da 10g jar
& methinks I'll be ordering more soon
so I can have them easily accessible.
So go get yourself these MUST have products
so you can start 2015 right!
>^. .^<
 Oh hai!
rolled over for more stretching & napping
Please have a safe & most excellent New Year's Eve
& thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. You know I love anything kitties. :) Is that stamper the squishy kind? I may have to get one, if so...

    1. It's very squishy! It's so soft that my points are leaving lil dents in it & I'm having to pay attention to how I pick up polish so when I stamp the dents are around the outer edge & not creating voids. Fortunately, we can get refills of the head without having to buy a new holder too.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you love the stamper and that it works for you the first time like it did for me. It's so encouraging to stamp more often isn't it? I look forward to seeing more stamping art!!

    1. I'm having to reign myself in so I don't stamp every mani! LOL I am having a wee issue with my nail points making dimples in the head. I tried a hot water soak & the more shallow dimples seemed to relax out, but the deeper ones are still there & create voids. : P So now I just pay attention to how I pick up the polish so I can place the tips at the outer edge of the head. I think I need to use less pressure as well cuz this thing is uber squishy & doesn't need a firm press like other stampers often do. :D


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