Sunday, January 4, 2015

NEW POLISH DELIGHTS!!! ~ from The Devil Wears Polish, of course!

Hello Dahlings!

I meant to have this up on Friday,
but between not moving my pics to an accessible file
& da sucky web access at our hotel in Seaside, OR...
...I totally failed to post anything.
This was quite frustrating as I was gaga over these polishes
when Tami sent them to me for swatching & review
then I had to wait until she released them
to show you all this AWESOMENESS!!!

But I think you'll find it was worth da wait!

 This is 2 coats of Shattered Rainbow from The Devil Wears Polish
I started with a quick one coat pair of black unders
Finger Paints Black Expressionism
then added da coats of SR & let da drooling commence!
This pic is taken in my light box with da LED lamp.

 Tami has out done not only herself this time,
but the rest of da indie populace as well by adding holo to her
Yeah, yeah, it seems like every indie & her sister are offering
da way cool multi chrome metallic flakies these days...
but ain't NOBODY but Tami offering them as a UCC flakie holo topper!
Da rainbows are strong without silvering da base color over much
& when one isn't in lighting that brings da rainbows out... gets da most excellent mommy o' pearl effect of da UCC flakies!
I added stamping (this is before da arrival of da Creative Stamper)
using Black Expressionism & sealed da Ultra Chrome Chameleon Flakie
goodness in with a coat of Seche Vite.

 I used da design in da upper left corner
of this plate from Cutting Edge Polish
Alas, it's currently out of stock

This is da other UCC Flakie Tami sent me.
Da totally drooliscious Good Tidings!
also over FP BE unders
Da pre-order for da UCC Flakies is on NOW
& Tami plans to start shipping these beauties
starting January 20th, 2015.
When using holo toppers & flakie polishes,
keep in mind that both show up better over darker base colors.
You can wear them over any color you desire,
but da lighter da color, da more subtle da effects become. 
>^. .^<
This is what Mr. Inky & I were up to
that kept me from posting Friday.
We decided to go to da beach for New Year's,
but had to wait until da 1st cuz Mr Inky had to work.
We got a later start than we wanted when da truck wouldn't start,
but a battery jump took care of da prob & we headed out.
 This is da I-5 side of Mount St Helen's as seen from near I-5
Usually da clouds are too thick
to see this formerly taller active volcano
from this side of da mountains, so getting pics of it was a treat.
We stayed in Seaside, OR
our hotel was across da street from da Gilbert House
& next to da beach ramp shown in da link
and visited da Seaside Aquarium on Friday morning.
It's pretty itty bitty compared to da Seattle Aquarium,
but it does a great job of showing what lives in da waters
just offshore & they offer some unique things
like feeding seals & this octopus in what basically looks like
a petting pool you might see at any aquarium,
but don't try to shake its tentacle!
This beauty is a Giant Pacific Octopus
& that bulbous body is as big as a basket ball.
This fugly critter is a Wolf Eel.
It competes with da octopi for hiding places & food.
While tasty to be sure,
this Pacific Lobster could easily take your fingers off!
It's claws are bigger than da average sized hand of a man.
Mr Inky got a great video of da octopus in action
as well as of da seals. If I can get my paws on them,
I'll post them for your viewing pleasure.
After da aquarium,
This is da view from da bottom of da stairs
of da path one has to take to get to da beach.
Mr Inky likes tidal pools,
so we hiked all da way to those rocks
to see what we could find.
I found this pretty lil green, pink & white sea anemone
tucked into da rocks. It's only about da size of a quarter.
Da rainbow reflection in da lower right corner
is from my sleeve. LOL
After that we headed south to see Haystack Rock
I was way too poop'd at this point to hike out there,
so we took some pics from da beach access point
& called it good as da weather was dis-improving
from freezing cold & dry to freezing cold & wet.
Da view from our hotel room at da Inn At The Prom
If you don't like da gray weather,
don't visit da Great North Wet in da winter!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Great mani and cool trip. That polish is awesome!

    1. Thanks! My blisters had fun too. LOL It most certainly is & I haven't seen anybody else doing flakies this way. :)

  2. I love this polish! Looks like firey opals! Oregon is beautiful, too!

  3. Enjoyed your travels to Seaside and Ecola State Park. Also enjoyed your very creative manicures. Especially liked the stamping. Very cool. I do a lot of painting which would ruin them (unless one is going for the speckled effect!), but I'm sharing this with my daughter.

    Next time you're visiting Ecola State Park, be sure to visit Cannon Beach. You can have a manicure at Cannon Beach Spa (be sure to try the urchin effect mani). If you love chocolate, stop by Cannon Beach Chocolate Cafe for a terrific selection of chocolates and desserts. To top off your Cannon Beach visit, splurge and have dinner at Castaways. If you dare - their Jamaican inspired dishes do have a little kick. And their drinks are all made with fresh fruits, so they're a treat.

    Be sure to visit this way again. There's lots of other spots with spectacular Oregon coast views! The Houses On Manzanita Beach


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