Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Can you add gitd to your regular manis?

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have a comp post that was sort of requested by Jen's Nail Files.
Jen regularly asks peeps to show her what's on their nails
& I often have gitd polish on in some form.
She has expressed several times
that she'd like to wear more gitd polish,
but isn't into glitter all that much.
She has a point, many gitd indie polishes have glitter in them.
Many are jellies too & can need white undies to get max glow factor.
What about using gitd as undies or a topper instead?
Hmmm...things to ponder & ponder I did
before sending my polish where my pondering lead me...
(this post is like uber long, so go potty
& grab a beverage before you start, k?) 
 This is the end result of my putzing.
Sinful Color gitd is the best of the bunch,
but let me 'splain how I figured this out.
 Da gitd line up ~ Sally Girl U Glow Girl,
Fright Night Claw Polish I'm Here For The Boos!,
Wet N' Wild Fantasy Makers Go With The Glow,
pumpkin bottle Glow Nail Color
& Sinful Colors Glow In The Dark
These polishes are your basic milky pale yellowish white gitds
available during October in stores everywhere in da US.  
 I started with one coat of my franken base,
to divide my nails in half length wise.
I painted one coat of each polish
on da left side of each nail as follows:
pinky ~ Sally Girl
ring ~ FN Claw Polish
middle ~ WnW Fantasy Makers
index ~ pumpkin
thumb ~ Sinful Colors
These polishes are your basic milky pale yellowish white gitds
available during October in stores everywhere in da US. 
 Ok, so the Sally Girl & pumpkin need a 2nd coat,
but the others are glowing well without white unders,
especially da Sinful Colors.
 I then added 2 coats of Crazy Sister Design Why So Glum thermal polish
so I could show you how well the gitds showed under & over
both light & dark polishes without having to do multiple manis.
Da pic above is WSG when cold...
 ...and when warm.
It also has a light holo rainbow
that doesn't show in my powder room lighting.
 The gitds show thru, especially the Sinful Colors!
I think using a gitd for undies will work best
under medium to light colored jelly base polishes
like holos & low density glitters.
It may work under darker jellies,
but the glow may not be as bright as you might prefer.
Onto part 2 of this lil experiment...
See the odd lighter lines on my pinky, ring & middle nails
just below the demarcation line on each nail? 
I remasked using the stencils without adding fdtc.
So unless you're willing to wait hours (like overnight)
for your base color to totally cure
& be able to handle stencils without lifting the polish
If I can't be a good example, I'll settle for being a horrible warning.
I dabbed a bit of WSG into the grooves & applied Orly's fdtc.
I then remasked my nails again & added one coat of each gitd
on the other side of the same nails as before.
The gitds definitely silvered the base color!
 The effect with the layered thermal & gitds
did have a color blocked look that was rather nifty.
 I heated my hand up with hot water & this was the result.
The top layer gitd showed better than the undies (duh!)
but most of the undies were still showing their glow.
GITD polish can lose its glow over time
& I think this may have happened to da Sally Girl mini
& da Fantasy Makers cuz they used to glow much better than this.
Sadness. Maybe I can franken them into something useful?
 Da non-gitd line up ~ CSD Why So Glum,
 I used CICI & SISI plate 19 & my Creative Stamper.
 I wanted a bit more rainbow than WSG offered,
so I added a coat of My Private Rainbow.
I then stamped over it all.
Above is da cold version...
 ...and this is da warm.
Notice how da stamped design goes in different directions?
I could say I did this as an artistic statement
or maybe I just wasn't paying attention when I stamped,
but really, it's what I have to do
to make most full nail stamping designs fit my long nails.
I know there are plates with larger full nail images
as well as collage style images & I have quite a few.
I also have quite a few plates with 'normal' size FN images
that don't quite fit my nails,
so I decided to find alternative ways to use them.
Stamping them on the diagonal
is one way to fit too short designs on longer nails.
Black light really shows where I missed in my clean up, don't it?
 Okay, so adding a holo topper & stamping blocked
some of the light from getting to da gitds.
They still glowed pretty well IRL.
Final decree?
Yes, you can wear gitds under regular jelly based polishes
with out messing up the color or finish of those polishes.
Did this answer your question, Jen?
I have a color glow clear topper post planed for the near future!
>^. .^<
Meowmy loves my gitd peepers best!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. wow! this is such an informative post! And I see you're a stamping queen now! -hums to the tune of dancing queen as she wanders off-

    1. Thanks, I try to be useful! The Creative Stamper you turned me on to has made ALL the difference! <3

  2. "If I can't be a good example, I'll settle for being a horrible warning" Bwah ha ha!

    1. Some days that's as good as it gets, Tina Dahling! LOL


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