Friday, January 9, 2015

First Friday Franken...a week late.

Hello Dahlings!
So we all know how I failed to post last Friday?
Even if I had posted on time,
this month's First Friday Franken mani would still be posted today.
Does this mean I'm caught up?
Who'd a thunk'd it?
So here's what I concocted earlier this week for y'all...

 Glow in da dark foil stamping polishes!
Great in theory...not so great in execution.
 I started with 2 coats of Sassy Polish & Scrubs Hollywood Hills.
It went on a wee bit patchy & streaky with da 1st coat
due it drying so fast, but it smoothed out on da 2nd coat no prob
& those rainbows!
I then added a quick coat of Orly In A Snap Quick-dry Top Coat.
Da SH Dries Fast had gotten low enuf to be a pita,
so I used this Orly I picked up on a B2G1 on Black Friday.
Me likey!
It goes on very thin & dries fast with a nice glossy finish.
It's perfect for that fast dry coat of clear over my base color
so I can move on to da art!
If I don't get to da art right away, my nails have some protection
& look good enuf to leave da house.
I still prefer Seche Vite for my final top coat
as its thick glossy finish protects my nails very well.
 I then tried da new rage in masking for messy manis,
cuz getting da lil shiny bits of foil polish off da skin is usually a pita.
I got this 4oz jar of ammonia free liquid latex
for around $10US thru Amazon
& then decanted some into a clean polish bottle.
Thanks Nail Loopy for da decanting idea!
 It goes on opaque & dries darker as well as a bit sheer.
It's also really sticky after it quickly dries!
So I recommend doing one hand at a time.
 These are da 11 gitd stamping foils I concocted
using mostly L.A. Colors Live silver foil polish,
some of da Wet N' Wild Chromes from 2013 for foil color
plus suspension fluid & gitd powders from Misfits on 8th
I didn't get creative with da names this time
I just went with what da base color glows with da lights out.
My lil Inky brain just couldn't work that hard.
 They all passed da glow & stamp test.
Da one that's hard to see is da Black Glows Green.
It glows a dark mossy green that can be hard to get pics of
tho it glows well IRL.
 So I grabbed these 5 to show you today...
 ...and these 2 plates from MoYou London
along with my uber spiffy Creative Stamper
& got to stamping.
 Um, yeah...needs work.
They glow better IRL, but da white needs to be more opaque
plus da silver & blue need more gitd pigment.
They aren't a huge success at this point, but they stamped & glowed,
so with a lil tweaking they should work out just dandy fine!

>^. .^<

I wants in MEOW!
It's moments like this I'm so glad I installed pet screen
in all the downstairs windows & da screen door. LOL
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Even if they don't glow as much as you like, they're gorgeous. Did the liquid latex work well? I'm thinking of getting some...

    1. The liquid latex works very well! It's easy to peel off & keeps the polish from my skin. The only challenge is to not get any on the nail itself as it isn't acetone soluble & won't come off during clean up like polish. I had to get a tiny pokey tool to pull it out of the area between the cuticle & polish.


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