Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Does It Stamp? Revamp ~ Black & White Cremes

Hello Dahlings!
Once upon a time, in a land so 2013, 
 did a series of Sunday posts called
You may want to read this post so you can learn
how to figure out which polishes you may already own
that can be used for stamping & how to test them.
Back in those days, I went thru my stash & tested a bazillion polishes
to find da ones that could be used for nail art stamping.
While I did group them by color,
I also went thru da rainbow a few times,
so there wasn't anything like a compiled list you could use
when looking for a specific color.
I can't promise this revamp of that series will be all that easier to use,
but at least my stamping has improved!
 Left hand ~ (no top coat)
Pinky ~ Konad Black & Princess White
Da Nads are da original stamping polishes.
Both basically stamp very well
& I'm using them for da baseline on this hand.
Ring ~ Finger Paints Black Expressionism & Paper Mache
I think these 2 are as good as da Nads & a better value to boot!
Middle ~ Orly Liquid Vinyl & Dayglow
Both stamped a bit sheer, giving them a faded look.
Dayglow does have a blue sheen to it that is fun.
Index ~ China Glaze Liquid Leather & White On White
These 2 stamped better than da Orlys, but not as opaque as da FPs.
I know some peeps swear by this brand,
but my experience with it is hit & miss.
Thumb ~ Nina Ultra Pro Black & French White
On par with da CGs & cheaper.
Konad can be found at many web stores that sell da plates.
Da other are all available at Sally Beauty Supply.
 Right hand ~ (no top coat)
Pinky ~ Mentality Black & White
(aka Black Opaque & White Opaque)
These are part of Metality's Stamping Polishes line
and are very good stamping polishes!
Da white has a pearly metallic finish & both are very opaque.
I'm using them as da base line for this hand.
Ring ~ Sally Hansen Night Fright & OMGhost
Both of these were part of da 2014 Halloween release.
Both stamp well
& I've heard that da regular Insta-Dri line black & white stamp well too.
Methinks these 2 may just be relabeled Black to Black & a retired white,
but I haven't tested da other black or white...yet.
Middle ~ KleanColor Black & White
Meh. Both look faded & had trouble showing details.
Index ~ Ruby Kisses HD Pitch Black Darkness & Whiter Than White
These 2 have better detail than da KCs but also look a bit faded.
Thumb ~ Scandal Modern Black & French White
These did better than KC or RK, but not as well as SH.
Mentality & KleanColor are available online.
Kleancolor can also be found in some independent
ethnic beauty supply stores along with Ruby Kisses.
I found Scandal in a local Korean cosmetic shop.
I could not find an online supplier in the US,
so count yourself lucky if you have a store near you that carries it.
 Da left line up ~ Konad, Finger Paints, Orly, China Glaze & Nina Ultra Pro
 Da right line up ~ Mentality, Sally Hansen, Kleancolor, Ruby Kisses & Scandal.
All of da black polishes did a good to tolerable job of it,
but some of them may not show up as well on lighter colors.
Da whites are more iffy as most of them tend to be a bit sheer
& that can ruin your stamping. 
We all know da Nads are good to stamp with,
but rather pricy at $4.50US for a 5ml mini & $9US for da 12ml Princess line.
My recommendations:
I highly recommend da Mentalities
& they're a good value at $6.25US for 15ml.
If you don't want to order online...
Finger Paints are $4.99US with a Sally's membership
or $5.50ish without da membership.
Da membership is only $5 & you get a $5 off your next purchase coupon
plus you get to pay da lesser listed price on everything.
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri requires no membership to buy
& are available in pretty much every drug store
everywhere in da US for around $4-$5.
Wally World (Walmart) has them for $4, Ulta has them for $5
 My undies are one coat of Wet N' Wild Red Red.
I had a smidge of nail line if da light hit it just right,
but for undies & nail art (including stamping)
this is a good inexpensive option for $1.
 I used Pueen 74 & my Creative Stamper to test these polishes.
Do y'all want me to do more of these posts?
Do you want to see a particular color or finish of polish?
I can't promise one every week, but maybe every other week
or at least one each month.
Talk to me my dahling peeps!
>^. .^<
Ciri is just weird some days, but he's always cute.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Great post and yes, more of these please (and since I'm of the OCD persuasion one color per post would be great but I'll leave that up to you :)
    I love being able to look up a polish to see if I would get a good result before messing up my base color.

  2. Thanks! I was thinking of compatible duos like this one to get more info out, but 2 colors per post would be the limit. I'm rather OCD myself that way. LOL If you have time on your hands, going through the original series (Does It Stamp? starting in March 2013) will give you quite a few options. Take notes by color & you'll have lots to work with the next time you stamp. :)

  3. Thanks so much for doing this!! You saved me lots of time and money, dahling!! <3

  4. Hehe, you mean I have lots of polishes on my wishlist ;)

  5. This is super helpful!!! Thanks for taking the time to test all of those polishes! I can't wait to go back and check out the original series.


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