Friday, January 30, 2015

TDWP Good Tidings!

Hello Dahlings!
In December, my polish boss Tami,
sent me 2 of her new Ultra Chameleon Chrome Flakie Holos
(Shattered Rainbows & Essence) for swatching & review purposes
& I fell head over heels in polish lust with them!
When she opened da pre-order on Jan 2nd,
I bought full sizes of both along with the 3rd UCC Flakie Holo
& all of da FB group only LE mylar flakies.
Today I have da 3rd Ultra Chameleon Chrome Flakie Holo for you!
Good Tidings is a silver chrome holo
with uber bits of color shifting metallic flakies
that freaked my camera out & has kept me mesmerized all week!
 Da line up ~ The Devil Wears Polish Good Tidings,
Republic Nail purple & silver gitds I got at Ross.
 This is 2 eye bedazzling coats of Good Tidings!
The formula is Tami's usual perfection
& as of today, (5 days on) I have NO tip wear.
 I used da 2 RN gitds with Bunny Nails Holiday Plate HD - B
& my uber wonderful Creative Shop Stamper.
 Da silver doesn't show well against da silver of Good Tiding,
but da purple does okay.
It doesn't matter cuz I used them to do this...
 They glow much better IRL, but you get the idea.
I didn't link TDWP web store in this post cuz Tami is currently revamping
her shop & there isn't a link to send you to right now.
If you'd like to stay up to date on da shop opening info,
up coming polish releases & teaser pics, as well as be able to order
her polishes when da shop reopens, you have to join
I know this seems like a hassle, but every time da store is open
to da general public Tami's has to deal with ass holes.
Selling thru da group seems to filter these peeps out
which is a good thing cuz Tami works too damn hard
creating these beautiful polishes to be dis'd by idiots
looking to fuss over toopid shit or rip her off.
I swatch for TDWP & promote Tami's polish
cuz I love both da product & da maker!
I will let you know when the shop reopens.
>^. .^<
 Meowmy? Paw won't share whatever dat is in his paw.
 I for realz thinks I'd like a taste.
Why you no shares wif me?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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