Friday, December 5, 2014

First Friday Franken Time! ~ Silver Spruce & Turquoise3

Hello Dahlings!
This month I have a wintery polish I made earlier this year
& a blackened teal that I made this year...I think?
 I went for some mitten stencil & sticker fun to celebrate
da melting of da snow we got last weekend.
Da green is Turquoise to da third (cubed).
I think I started with an almost empty bottle of NYC Blackula
& added turquoise pigment,
a bit of an unremembered turquoise polish
& some turquoise micro glitter.
Da black makes all da turquoises look teal.
Me likey!
 This is one coat of Silver Spruce.
I think this one started as half a bottle of a silver foil
that I added silver pearl pigment to
plus some fine turquoise & green glitter.
I wonder if this one would stamp?
 Da mini mitten stickers & stencil
>^. .^<
Is that my Ziggy Bear sprawled on da deck?
why you in my sprawling spot pretending to be me?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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