Friday, March 16, 2018

26 Great Nail Art Ideas Presents ~ French with a Twist!

Hello Dahlings!

This time we have ideas for French manis, but with a twist!
Let's be realz here...French manis can be very...shall I say...dull?
The traditional pink & white have been done to death,
so we decided that new ideas were needed.

I did this...

 This is a funky French mani using magnetic gel polish!
You can do this same concept using regular magnetic polish too.

Apply your base coat to all 5 nails & let dry.
Apply the 1st coat of magnetic polish to all 5 nails
& cure for 1 minute in LED.
(follow the instructions if you use a different brand)
Apply the 2nd coat of polish to just one nail,
then hold the magnet over just your free edge for 45 seconds or so 
then pop that finger under the LED lamp for a minute.
Do the rest of the nails on that hand the same way.
Apply no wipe top coat, cure for 30 seconds.
Do your other hand the same way & you're done!

 I used Madam Glam gel polish products
& a magnet from a set off Amazon.

 While I like Madam Glam products in general,
I'm not as impressed with their glow in the dark toppers.
Methinks I'll be using my usual polish toppers for the most glow.
(Yes, you can use regular polish over gel polish.)

>^. .^<

Look...Diva with a twist!
He's discovered the gas fireplace this winter & he LURVS it!
When it's on, it's a cat sedation device. LOL

Thanks for stopping by
& please check out
what the others have for you!
~ Inky

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