Friday, October 25, 2013

Wake Mani

Hello Dahlings!
My son's wake was last Sunday. After dealing with various family melodramas all week, Mr Inky & I needed some fun. For me that means fun nails. (Just my luck! Kansas Dust In The Wind just came up on  my play list as I'm typing. Blerg. LOL) My mom & I had swung thru Wally World last Friday to pick up a few last minute things for Saturday's memorial service & we spotted some fun Halloween clothes. I found a Keep Calm & Carry On  RUN! Zombies are coming! black t-shirt for Mr Inky & for me a gitd Normal People Scare Me! black t-shirt. Then mom found a pair of fleecy jammie pants that I just HAD to have! I decided to wear my new pants to da wake with matching nails...
 Da line up: Kleancolor Mandarin Burst 249, Nabi GITD Beige 08, Kleancolor Neon Yellow 18 & Black 5 (not pictured: small detail brush & smallest dotting tool - the one with a point on one end & a tiny ball on da other)
 2 coats of Mandarin Burst. Kleancolor polishes tend to have a wee bit of knock your socks off odor, but the price & performance help make up for this.
 I added a coat of the gitd then used da small ball end of da dotter to add Neon Yellow dots to my pinky, middle & index nails. Next came da Black leopard spots & squiggles using da pointy end of da dotter. I used da small brush to copy da skull & cross bones from my pants. Wanna see my co-ordinated mani pants?
 Ta da! I think I did a bang up job of color & pattern matching.
If you've ever tried to take gitd pics you know what a pita it is to get one good pic. Mr Inky & I were at the Spirit Halloween store Monday night & I told him about seeing gitd nails photographed using black light. He said I'd need a true black light & not a cheap painted bulb, so we got this one . Mr Inky had an unused spring clamp lamp in da garage I could use. Our less than romantic nights of putzing with camera settings in da dark, cold garage while saying lots of bad words are over!
There's still time to enter Miss K's Let's Celebrate Multi Blogger Give-a-way!
Oh? You want some Ciri spam? How about some other kitteh pics?
My mom fostered this Bill the Cat looking momma kitty & her 2 week old kittens earlier this year. When the kittens were weaned, momma went back to her hooman & my mom kept da kids. They're 6 month's old now & she brought them with her last week.
 This is Lil Miss D curled up in my lap. Isn't she a pretty lil girl?
Da kids were getting bored & thus getting into stuff, so I gave them a couple of furry mice to play with & did they go bonkers! Lil Miss D is batting da beejeebers out of her blue mousie & her brother, Mickey da Ginger Cat Man, is just hanging out watching da show with his peachy mouse.
Cirrus didn't know what to make of these tag team kitties that just wanted to run, jump & play with him every waking moment. He was fussed for a couple of days then decided playing with them might be fun, maybe, if he was in charge. Da irony of his getting heckled incessantly whether he was in the mood or not was hilarious & we hoped he'd have an epiphany & leave Meyer alone. Nah! He's still pouncing on her as da mood takes him & she's still shrieking at him while trying to box his ears.
He just can't help himself! LOL
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. LOVE the first Kitty. I have one almost colored the same way. She is my Wonder Kitty. She is 12 years old but still acts like a kitten. I also have my main Baby Rascal. He is a chocolate and tan chihuahua.
    I can kind of relate to the loss of your son. I just lost my husband of 18 years 7 weeks ago. The pain in my heart and soul is really still bad right now. But I can not even imagine losing my 1 and only 36 year old daughter. God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers. If you ever need to chat just email me @ PLZ do not hesitate, it gets lonely here. My daughter works plus has my 3 Grandson's that keeps her busy. She does what she can when she can. But like I said I feel so alone. My heart really goes out to you.

    1. I'm so sorry! Losing someone you care about is hard, no doubt about it.

  2. 1) The nails are completely awesome.
    2) I must have that Zombie shirt you mention.
    3) Awww...the kittehs are adorable! I'm glad Ciri decided to turn it into a good thing and play with them. :)

    1. 1) Thanks! I had fun doing & wearing them.
      2) Check your local Wal-Mart on Wally's on-line in the Halloween clothing section.
      3) They were just too cute! I'm looking forward to spending time with them Turkey weekend. <3

  3. Hello Lovely! I am in love with your blog with all the tips, tutorials and kitties. I love kitties! Keep it up! I am your newest follower from Blog Hop. I followed you via Bloglovin. Feel free to visit, leave comments and follow me @

  4. Those nails are awesome! Kitty spam <3
    Hope it all went ok

    1. Thanks! The wake went dandy fine...nobody spilt anything major, nobody got sick & the only injury was Mr Inky falling down drunk & whacking his head on the edge of a table, giving himself a small scratch over one eye. LOL

  5. I adore this manicure, and my kitties go nuts over those mice, too! :)

  6. So you've said & thanks again! Those are rabbit fur mice & man are they getting harder to find! The pet stores carry fake fur mice, just not the real fur one's anymore. Ciri will get to visit with his lil pals over Turkey Weekend, so more cute pics to come!


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