Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Quickie ~ I Spotted a Ginger!

Hello Dahlings!
Holy Freakin' Guacamole! How da heck did I forget to post last Friday? Why didn't anybody say anything? I can only blame my son's memorial coming up this next Saturday & having to get a bazillion things done before then. I want to keep up on my posting this week, but if that doesn't happen, at least y'all know why. Some semblance of sanity should return next week, sometime, I hope, maybe?
Anywho, I do have a fun lil Monday mani for y'all.
 Da line up: LynB Designs Am I Ginger? from her Dr. Who line & yes, that is a bottle of OPI Black Spotted! Thanks to Dionne from Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes I found out that peeps in da US can get hold of this most lusted after lemming on Amazon for about $15 & that includes shipping. I can wait until you get back from ordering yours...
 Got that taken care of? Good! This is da yummy Am I Ginger?
It was a bit thick (nothing a lil thinner won't fix),
but it was easily opaque in 2 coats
& full of linear holographic pumpkin goodness.
Once Am I Ginger? dried I added a very thin coat of Black Spotted. By thin I mean I wiped most of da polish off da brush then lightly whisked it across da nail. Then I sat back & watched da magic happen! A coat of Seche Vite finished it off. One of da many cool things about this polish, besides the way it looks & fast dry time, is that if you get too much in one spot, you can go back & pull some of it off with da brush while its still wet without ruining da effect. You can't really do that with crackle polish! I didn't notice that my nails looked a lot like da pic on da lil tag until I was taking pics of it.
I must have done it right!
It was bound to happen...Cirrus figured out where his Grand Paw keeps da elixir of life hidden. Yes, he's jumped into da fridge & does this every time Mr. Inky has da door open for more than a few seconds. We've never had a cat climb into da fridge before.
Da Dishwasher...yes. Da fridge is a new thrill in pet parenthood.
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Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Love it! Love the color combos and the effect. You def did a great job on this mani. Hope to see more beautiful nail arts.

  2. Ohhhh this is pretty! And so Halloween-y ;) I haven't tried opi Black Spotted but this makes me want to! Lovely nails lady :)

    1. Thanks Miss K! It's a fun, easy to use novelty polish. I'm so glad we can finally get it in the US.

  3. Damn you and your spotted. I did think you were replicating the tag, but better with holo power!!!!!!

    1. Am I being an evil enabler again? Muahahaha!

  4. Yes, you are an enabler. You accuse me of it, but I just went and bought that OPI! Eveeeeellllll! (But you have the cutest cat I've seen outside of mah own bebes, so it's okay. :) )

    1. What are friends for if not to return the favor? Muwahahahaha!!! <3

      He is a cute lil Kittler all right! Watching him with Mr Inky is great entertainment. LOL


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