Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Quickie ~ Hello Kitty Halloween Nails!

Hello Dahlings!
Sometime in da past year or so, I bought a 10 pack of Hello Kitty nail art stickers thru' Amazon. Included in this asst. were some Halloween images & I thought it was high time I used some of them. So I did...
I applied 2 coats of L.A. Girls Brilliant Blue scatter holo cuz it looks like a starry night sky then I added Halloween Hello Kitty stickers & finished with a coat of Seche Vite.
With this being such a short post, here's some Ciri spam & eggs:
 What'cha got there, Paw? Smells good...can I have some?
 Um...I can't reach it if you do that!
You gonna make me climb all da way out there?
In da end, Paw (aka Mr Inky) lost & Cirrus got some eggs.
Somebody at my house is whipped but good & it ain't me!
What? You haven't entered Miss K's Let's Celebrate Multi Blogger Give-a-way?
Why not? There's lots of nifty prizes to be won
& you can do certain things everyday to earn more entries!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Those decals are adorable. Damn you and your L.A. girl polishes. Thats a close enough dupe for one of the picture polish shades. Which at this moment in time I have forgotten the name off aha. Hoping the store in beauty store in london that must import it get the holo line in. A cat that likes eggs O.o

  2. IKR! They don't cost much & they aren't too much of a pita to remove either.
    Cats are bigger scavengers than most peeps realize. My tabby girl likes curries. lol

    1. curry?! Tilly isn't much bothered with human food

    2. Some cats like people food some don't. Meyer will eat just about anything & so will Cirrus, Luna only eats cat food & live prey...she doesn't even like cat treats. Ziggy & Jazz will eat some things & not others.

  3. Im giving away some of these holos on my blog giveaway right now :) love dems!

  4. I'm not a hello kitty fan, but even I see how cute this is!

    1. I have a left over HK obsession from my childhood that I can now afford to feed. LOL Nail stickers make for fast & easy manis when I'm too busy or tired to do the real thing.


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