Friday, July 18, 2014

Simples FB Group Catch Up!

Hello Dahlings!
Back in May, Debbie Crumpet
started a new nail art group on Facebook called:
Anyone can join & learn
how to create nifty kewl nail art on their own nails!
Debbie does a weekly blog post to teach us that week's lesson
& if needed, she also makes a video tutorial.
She 'splains it all in this post:
At da time this challenge started
I was waist deep in da Neverending Pile
doing 3 posts a week for that plus
Sundays were for posting da Weekly Freakin' Challenge.
Where da heck was I going to squeeze da Simples in
without adding another posting day or double posting?
I did finally manage to combine da Freaks with da Simples
when da Freaks challenge changed to doing 2 colors each week.
This took care of da four weeks of Simples dotting exercises.
What about da 4 Simples manis in da vault
that only got posted in da Simples group at da time?
I have 2 of them for you today!
Week 1 ~ Plain Accent Nail
I was pinched for time on this one
& was glad it was indeed a simple mani!
Da base color is 2 coats of Serum No5 Lights Out
with a coat of Seche Vite to seal in da goodness.
At da time, Aurora Austrailis was in da prototype phase
& Tami had sent me a mini to test drive for her.
This seemed like a good time to try it!
Lights out is a gitd polish,
but I didn't get a gitd pic at da time.
I sorry!
Here are da instructions & tips from Debbie:
Week 2 ~ Plain Skittle
I had a major wet my knickers squeee fest
when Sally Hansen released their new Color Foil line
about da same time as this lesson was due!
 From da left ~ thumb: Sterling Silver, index: Leaden Lilac,
middle: Cobalt Chrome, ring: Minted Metal & pinky: Liquid Gold
 Here's a better view of my thumb.
Da new version of SH's classic Chromes
are still a bit persnickety to apply
& prone to streaks & patching if over stroked,
but they do smooth out to a shinier finish than da originals.
You can find da Sally Hansen Color Foils
in various drugstores around da US.
I found 8 of da 10 colors available at Target
& another of da 2 I still needed at Fred Meyer.
(I WILL find da last one before they get retired!
I will! I will! I will!)
If you like to check out da Classic Chromes,
carries many of the 75 or so colors that were available...
many at LESS than they sold for in stores!
I'll post da other 2 Simples manis I have on Monday!
>^. .^<
I no want you to paint my claws!
Okay...maybe one paw with those shiny foils?
Do your stash a favor & go enter da
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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