Friday, July 4, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Free Polish

Hello Dahlings!
Today's prompt is FREE polish!
This can be a bonus in a set of polishes
or a freebie from a vendor or a gift.
As long as we didn't have to pay for counts.
My free polishes I used today
were a gift from one of my customers.
I'm a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator
& I have the MOST AWESOME customers!
Granted, most of them never even notice what's on my nails
& only a couple ever comment if they do notice.
(It keeps me humble. LOL)
The lovely lady who gave me these not only notices,
but she asks to see my nails whenever we get together.
She doesn't paint her nails, but she does appreciate mine.
I used 3 of da 4 polishes she gifted me with last April.
Opal Opalescence is a blue/green/gold flakie.
Mosaic Black is a nice bottle of crack!
 Here it is in a cloud pattern before I added da flakies...
 ...and da base color.
This is ONE COAT of Forget Me Not Blue.
It has a nice green shimmer that complimented da flakies.
I bet this sucker will stamp like a dream!
Da only flaw in this polish
is that it stained my acrygel overlays a bit,
but it didn't stain my skin & for a blue that's a plus.
Da line up ~ Avon Forget Me Not Blue,
Mosaic Black & Opal Opalescence
I wore this mani at our last Stamp Camp in June
cuz I knew she'd be there to see it.
My hands actually MATCHED!
That's become a rare thing this year.
Next up ~ Your Best 'Granny' Color
(Only 3 more prompts to go!!!)
>^. .^<
This is Jazz.
She's Ziggy sister.
She's da quiet, shy one in da family.
She's also several pounds smaller
than her mom or bro at 12 lbs.
(Yes, I have one 'normal' size cat. LOL)
She's also got da most white of any of Luna's kittens.
In addition to da white triangle on her upper chest,
she also has a white checkmark on her lower chest
that would have been a chevron except it starts in one armpit
& only goes halfway up da other side.
Her other white mark is a white cow patch on her lower belly.
Thanks for stopping by!
& then go check out da freebie polishes
da other Pirates have to show you!
~ Inky


  1. I have Avon Opalescence and it's a cool topper. I like very much its opal effect and how it looks like over different nail polish colours :)

  2. Replies
    1. LOL...I guess it it rather a you color, isn't it?


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