Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weird Thursday? ~ My Summer 2014 Hair & Nails to Match!

Hello Dahlings!
What a slacker I've become of late!
I can only blame having both dentist & doctor appts this week
that left me too tired to do much else those days. 
Alas, this included typing up my post for yesterday.
My doctor says all is reasonably well.
My dentist? Not so good.
I had a back tooth break last week
& now it needs to get pulled.
Da good news is that its more achy than truly painful,
but getting a tooth pulled now
& knowing I'll have to get the one below it pulled
sooner than later...
On to happier things like my annual left over hair dye fest!
BTW...this post is pic heavy, so go potty
& get a beverage of choice before you start.
I'll wait...
This is what my hair looks like right now:
 I use both Ion Brights & Color Jam 2 brands of demi permanent
hair dye from Sally's Beauty Supply on my hair after bleaching.
I need 3oz of one color to dye all my hair.
Hair dye usually comes in 2oz & 4oz containers.
So I accumilate left overs.
Da good news is that this type of dye is stable
& can be stored in a cool dark place for a long time.
Once a year, Mr Inky & I use up most of my left overs in one go.
This year we used 7 different colors!
 This is da dark side of multi colored's messy to do!
We did well to get all this done in an hour & a half.
Then I left it in for about 2 hours before rinsing & sealing.
(My trick to getting my color to last longer
is to leave da sealer in over night.
It conditions da hair & I get up to 8 weeks of good color.)
I took 2 trips in July!
Da 1st one was with Mr Inky to Las Vegas, Nevada
& da 2nd was to Salt Lake City, Utah.
Both are hot, dry dessert places.
Not my fav environments.
I only had 3 days between trips &
know that traveling by plane & hefting luggage about
can be very hard on my nails.
So I knew I had to do a gel based mani
if I want my nails to look good da whole time!
1st I had to apply a nail tip to my short left pinky nail
so it would match da one on da right hand.
Egad! I haven't worn a false nail in nigh on 30 years!
But I managed to do a reasonable job of it
& just hoped it would last da 2 weeks.
I started my mani with an AcryGel base on all my nails.
I used this method to fill da gap between da back end of da tip
& my cuticle on my pinky
before adding a full layer over da whole nail.
Wanna see my vacation mani?
 I may have gone a wee bit over board, but I liked it!
 1st line up ~ Kiss French White soak off gel, 
Nabi Fuchsia, Purple & Blue gitd jellies
2nd line up ~ Ooh La Lacquers Hypnotize, Serum No5 Lights Out
& LynB Designs 2013 LE Frosty Snot Linear Holo Topper
 After doing da AcryGel base & added 1 coat of da French White.
I then painted overlapping stripes of da 3 Nabi's.
Da stripes needed 2-3 coats to get da intensity I wanted.
 I then added funky French tips using a sponge & Lights Out.
 Then came a coat of Hypnotize.
I followed this up with a coat of Frosty Snot
& then a coat of Seche Vite to seal it all in.
 Yep! They glowed.
I did matching toes (that I'm not going to show you)
& had great good fun with my built in night lights in da hotel rooms.
Lights Out also glows in da dark, but it takes longer to charge
than da Nabi's so it didn't glow in this pic.
It occurred to Mr Inky & I after we got home
that we'd been having so much fun we forgot to take pics!
I did get a couple...
 We stayed at South Point Hotel & Casino while in Las Vegas.
We were attend da TAM conference & it was in this hotel,
so for convenience sake we stayed here.
It was quite comfy & due to smoking being allowed on da casino floor
I went almost 3 days without having to go outside!
Considering it was in da low 100's & I don't do sun or high heat well,
not having to go outside was a good thing.
We did make one side trip while we were there...
 Mr Inky & I are big Penn & Teller Fans,
so we can't go to LV & not see da show!
This is Penn & Jonesie jamming before da show.
 I took this pic while in SLC.
Da wind was bringing smoke from da fires in eastern Oregon & Washington
down into da valley & making da sunset look all funky
plus da air got a lil hard to breathe on da last day we were there.
Did my fake nail last?
I was pulling laundry out of da hamper da day after I got home from SLC
& it popped off like da cheap fake it was.
Fortunately da damage to da nail bed is minimal.
Since this happened I've back filled da grow out on my other nails
& added da AcryGel base to this nail so it can continue to grow out.
I was rather please that after 2 weeks of travel & only one coat of SV
I only had some tip wear on da corners!
Granted I wasn't typing as much as usual,
but I was hauling luggage, pushing elevator buttons
& riding escalators.
If you're going to be traveling
& doing your nails while on da road isn't an option,
seriously consider doing an AcryGel base
or at least a standard gel base
under your regular polish nail art!
>^. .^<
Next time you has to take me wif you!
I no likey when you leave me home.
(Ciri is da only cat who immediately came out to greet us
when we got home from Vegas.
I'm not sure if da other 3 even noticed we were gone. LOL)
Today is da LAST DAY to enter da
So get your tushy in gear before it's too late!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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