Friday, August 1, 2014

First Franken Friday ~ Frosted In My Presence!

Hello Dahlings!
It's been awhile since I've done a First Friday Franken post!
I tried to fit them in where they worked
for whatever da Pirates untried challenge was
on da 1st Friday of each month, but it didn't always work out.
This month I have for your franken pleasure...
 Frosted in My Presence!
This 3 polish blend started out as 3 bottles of Wet N' Wild Coloricon.
I had 1 of da 2012 round bottles with names referring to royalty
(Bow Down In My Presence? It was purplish.)
& 2 of da 2014 cake pop shaped bottles
(I don't remember da names,
but one was bluish & da other was greenish.)
that were not only a pita to use
but didn't fit well in my polish drawers.
So I poured da 2 funky bottled ones
into any empty Ruby Kisses bottle
& topped it off with some of da purplish one and got this.
It's basically blingy white with random colored glitter bits
that do shift color depending on how da light hits them.
I can see both da green & blue easily
plus da purple plays peek-a-boo around da edges.
Me being me, I just couldn't leave it like this...
 So I decide to test some nail art pens!
I used da old style Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen, BMC nail art pen
& da new style Sally Hansen I (heart) Nail Art Pen, all in black.
 From left to right ~ index has new SH,
middle has BMC & ring has old SH
This is the 2nd time I've used these pens
& I was rather disappointed in da performance of da BMC pen.
It worked fine last time, but this time da tip kept going dry
& then would blob when I lightly pressed da tip
onto scrap paper to get da paint flowing again. Blerg.
Both of da Sally Hansen pens worked just dandy fine!
Da wee bit of sloppiness comes mostly from da pen tip snagging
on da lil bits of glitter sticking up thru da Seche Vite top coat
I put on over FIMP before I began drawing.
I sealed in da fun with my usual coat of Seche Vite.
(Note to self:
When using a glitter or other less than smooth polish,
use 2 coats of fast dry top coat before using pens!
Also, try really, really hard to NOT get any of da paint
from any of these pens on your skin!
It resists removal, especially after it dries.)
Of da 3 pens, da new style Sally Hansen pens are da easiest to find
cuz they're currently available in just about every US drugstore.
 Da winner is Sally Hansen I (heart) Nail Art Pen!!!
I think my ring finger came out best.
I've been wanting to do Lucy's Stash basket weave mani like FOREVER
& decided now was da time to use her easy peasy tutorial!
(you have to scroll down a bit to get to da tutorial)
>^. .^<
When is da icky warm gonna stop?
I'm tired of my sweaty fur sticking to everything!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


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