Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Quickie ~ The Devil Wears Polish Dang! & Pink Panther

Hello Dahlings!
Have you ever planned out a mani down to da last detail
then run out of time to do it all?
That was me last night.
I had da polishes picked out.
I had da base technique picked out.
I had da stamping plate picked out.
At 11:30 pm I had to call it quits
& ended up with this...
I call it The Lazy Wench Funky French!
Look at those rainbows!
Da plan was to do a 2 color gradient &
 then stamp over it in black.
Um...yeah. Didn't happen.
I ain't complaining!
Look at those rainbows!
 This is 2 smooth as butter coats of Pink Panther.
It dried uber fast, almost too fast, 
but that could have been due to da fan I had blowing on me.
No complaints!
 I then sponged on what was supposed to be a gradient using Dang!,
but it ended up more like a funky French.
I ain't complaining!
Many holos lose some of their rainbow bling factor when sponged on,
but not Dang!
Da demarcation lines are all over da place
& fuzzy to boot but I don't care...
>^. .^<
You sat there for how many hours
& that's all you have to show for it?
What a lazy wench you are, Meowmy!
Go show my beloved Tami at
some LURV!!!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky 


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