Friday, August 22, 2014

Above the Curve feat. She Sells Seashells

Hello Dahlings!
Is it a TGIF kinda day for y'all?
Well hopefully today's mani gets you all goose pimply for da weekend!
Glow With The Flow! with Kleancolor White for undies
 I applied one coat of White to everybody but ring 
then added 2 coats of the Above the Curve polishes.
pinky & index ~ It's Electric!
ring ~ The Silence
middle & thumby ~ Glow With The Flow!
 It's Electric & Glow With The Flow!
are from da Get Glowing collection of summery neons.
Yep! They glow in the dark.
 I then dove into da pile o' sticker & stencil goodness
Swishie sent me from her shop, She Sells Seashells, to review.
 Ta Da !
I did something in-ter-esting on my pinky & thumby.
I lifted da edge of one section of da variety set of chevron stencils
& used my tweezers to pick up enuf of them to cover thumby.
Then I carefully pulled da skinny chevrons off & used them on my pinky.
This was an easy way to get even spacing of da chevrons!
I used da large chevrons on middle as stencils as well
then painted between all da stencil bits with The Silence.
For my index nail I applied da relaxed chevrons as stickers
cuz they matched Glow With The Flow!
I decided to armor plate ring with Holographic Circle Studs.
They flash their cross hatch rainbows in pretty much ANY light!
 Lookee at all da sparklies!!!!
I has glow in da dark chevron nails!
Da holo studs even reflected a bit of da glow.
These have been fun nails both day & night!
>^. .^<
 Staring contest between Ciri (on da left)
& Lil Miss Dee (on da right)
 What you lookin' at?
Hey! Mind your own beeswax!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Nice!!! electric nail art..fantastic.

  2. Love it! I think the polishes themselves look so groovy, all that glitter and it looks like thick coating as well. The nail art on top of it definitely gives it that electric touch. Overall, this seems like a brand for me to try out.


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