Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Quest for a Neon Purple Holo Update!

Hello Dahlings!
As some of you may recall
I've been on a quest for most of da last year to create or find a
neon purple linear holographic polish.
Quite a few indie brands have come out with neon holos this summer
& I bought da ones that looked like they might be contenders.
Our story so far...

This is Sinful Colors Dream On.
It's not da only neon purple out there,
but it's a good representative of da color I want.
These are my 5 attempts are making it myself.
I learned several things about holo pigment
(I used Spectraflair 30, but there are other brands.)
in my frankening adventures:
1) it tends to lighten the color pigment
2) it can alter the color of the pigment
3) if one adds too much, da color will look silvered
4) don't add enuf & da rainbow is wimpy
thumby ~ 5.0
index ~ 4.0
middle ~ 3.0
ring ~ 2.0
pinky ~ 1.0
Basically, my efforts pretty much all turned out lighter, pinker or silvered.
They're all pretty enuf to wear, but not what I'm craving.
 Today's contenders ~ Jade Over the Rainbow, Nabi Purple 24,
Dead Set Babes Girl, Bye, (This is the Changing Colors group custom.)
Smitten Radiant Orchid & The Devil Wears Polish Purple Brite
pinky ~ Over the Rainbow
I know this one didn't look like it would be even close from looking at the bottle,
but it is in da ball park with da standard killer rainbow one expects from a Jade.
ring ~ Purple 24
Pretty much da suckiest rainbow ever, but Nabi does nail da color.
middle ~ Girl, Bye
Another indie in da ball park, but a bit too light.
index ~ Radiant Orchid
Almost, but not quite a dup for Girl, Bye
& again close but no cigar to my lemming.
thumby ~ Purple Brite
In da bottle this one looked awfully close,
but on da nail this pretty jelly leans too pink.
I'm getting closer, but have yet to find my
Ultimate Lemming!
*sad whiskers*
One of da things I run into when looking online is this...
Looks like it could easily be in da ball park, right?
Nope, not even close!
We've had a big chat going in Changing Colors about how
vendors really need to use pics that
actually look like da polishes they're selling!
Yeah, there are all kinds of things
that can effect how our eyes perceive color
& how our cameras perceive color
& how monitor settings can change how things look.
However, some swatchers edit their pics
to look the most flattering to da swatcher
& da results look NOTHING like da polish IRL
& then da maker uses these pics to sell that polish?
I'm calling BULLSHIT on that!
Da consensus in da group was if you want to buy a polish online
to check multiple sources, (including but not limited to:
other stores (where applicable), blogs, Pinterest & Instagram)
before buying to be as sure as you can that what you see online
is indeed what you'll get in da mail.  
Now I do edit my pics a bit.
I crop & straighten them.
I adjust da exposure & color
so they look as close to da polish in real life as I can get.
I know my Samsung Galaxy 4 phone camera
tends to cool down & either over or under expose my pics.
This goes for not only polish,
but pretty much anything I take a pic of.
So a smidge of editing is necessary
if I want to show you what da polish really looks like.
I don't remove things from my pics,
I just do what I can to show you reality as I see it.
My quest will continue,
but at least I have a lot of pretty polishes
to tide me over until I find my Ultimate Lemming.
>^. .^<
Speaking of pretty things...
Mom Nature makes flowers in my favorite color!
(These are some of da petunias in my garden.)
How 'bout you put down da phone
& pet my massive magnificence?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I say the middle is best. I found that with a thermal a while back. The swatch was such a nice colour. I spent over an hour looking for swatches, and guess what?! all the other ones looked green.

    1. Who can we trust anymore?

      Both Girl, Bye & Radiant Orchid are mighty close, but a wee bit lighter than Dream On.

  2. Ugh, I hate that when bloggers photoshop colors!!!

    1. IKR?!? I normally can get the pics I want in a few tries, but if they aren't even close I'll keep trying dif lights & combinations of lights until my pics look like what's on my nails. Anything less is unacceptable!


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