Thursday, August 7, 2014

Da Winners from da Nail Polish Bloggers Connection GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello Dahlings!

I know, I know, I'm posting off schedule.
You know I only do this when I'm running late on my posting
I have something so exciting that it can't wait
& deserves it's own post!

Da winners of da Nail Polish Bloggers Connection GIVEAWAY are...
(drum roll please!)

If your name is on this list,
but you don't recall getting an email from
Michelle from Lacquer or Leave Her!
it da last day or so,
please check your spam folder!
You must contact her so she can set up your $40US shopping spree
at da online shopping palace of your choosing!
>^. .^<
See? Even Jazz, Ziggy & Ciri
are excited by da thought of polish shopping!
(OK, I actually have no idea
what these 3 found so fascinating
in the night dark garden.
I turned da light on
& there wasn't anything out there.)
Thanks for stopping by & entering da GIVEAWAY!
~ Inky

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