Friday, August 29, 2014

The Devil Wears Polish feat. She Sells Seashells!

Hello Dahlings!
I have some fun polishes from The Devil Wears Polish
with She Sells Seashells nail art for y'all today!
(Da She Sells Seashells vinyl stencils
were sent to me for honest review) 
(Dang! is currently sold out,
but don't worry, it will be restocked!)
 This is 2 yummilicious coats of Lily of the Valley 
Lookee...WHITE rainbows!!!
In da bottle & in certain light,
this beauty may show more gray,
but it's da best white holo I've worn to date.
 I added a layer of Seche Vite
then went ape shiz with da Thin Single Chevron Stencils
If you use tweezers to pick a full nail's worth of chevrons
you can place them on your nail then remove every other one
for evenly spaced chevrons.
I used da chevrons removed from my accent nail
to create some fun chevron tips on da other fingers.
I also use da angled end of a cutie stick
to tuck da stencils in at my cuticles & side walls
so polish doesn't go where I don't want it.
 You get a butt-tonne of stencils for ONE British Pound Sterling!
That's like $1.31US as of today...
plus FREE International shipping for orders over 25 BPS!
Yes, you can buy stencils from other vendors
& pay a lot more for them.
Even if you don't order enuf to get da free shipping,
the postage for small orders is usually only a few dollars.
I used da small brush to apply da polish to da skinny spaces between da stencils.
This was SO fun & easy to do!!!
All it takes is awesome polish from The Devil Wears Polish
& stencils from She Sells Seashells
Don't forget!
The only way to get your paws on Tami's pretty polishes
This is a fun, snark free zone
where we chat about not only Tami's polishes,
but also show off our nail mail,
swatches & nail art featuring TDWP.
So come join the fun
& get access to not only ordering from da site,
but updates on new releases, group only sales & promos!
You know you want them both,
so go get them NOW!!
>^. .^<
Jazz got SO excited about that gorgeous LE polish
to benefit da Epilepsy Foundation 
that she went into a tail chasing frenzy!
 Can't stand it...
 ...must get that tail...
 ...come back here!
 Missed it by that much!
 Ah ha!
I'll teach you to run away
when there's polish to be drooled over
& fur that needs liking.
Take that you pesky tail!
Thanks for stopping by & for supporting Tami's fundraiser!
~ Inky


  1. I love what you did with the 3 colors and the chevrons! I love Jazz too <3

    1. Thanks, Gretchen! Between Tami's pretties & the stencils it was easy peasy, nice & breezy! Jazz was pestering me while I typed, so to punish her...she got blogged. LOL

  2. I love the nail art you created! It's so pretty! :D

  3. You are awesome! Thank you for an awesome review and some pretty nail arts featuring mah pretties :)

    1. Having your beauties to play with makes any nail art design fabulous!

  4. Gorgeous chevrons. I have to look into those stencils--I have some but the stripes are thicker, and I like the look of these thinner ones. :)

    1. They are SO easy to use & Swishie offers several thickness & angle options at a great price, even with the conversion rates.


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