Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Simples Lesson, Week 9 ~ Splodging!

Hello Dahlings!

Isn't that a FUN word...SPLODGING!!!
This easy to do technique was invented by our fearless
Debbie Crumpet & she shows us how to do it in her tutorial video post:
The same day I planned to sit down & do this mani
my share of da Changing Colors FB group order
from Dead Set Babes arrived!
 Lookee, lookee, lookee...all da way from Australia via Indiana!!!
 Da 1st one on da left is da group custom polish
available only to peeps in da Changing Colors FB group
& since da winner of da naming contest hasn't received her order yet
we're not supposed to tell peeps what it's called.
Da others are ~ Strange Magic, Burn Book, Bad Girls & Dead Set Babe
We all got an Australian Cadbury nummy too!
Many of us discovered that da summer temps had melted our noms
but it's chocolate, so who cares if it's a lil squishy?
Thank you SO much to T.j. Tanner of Dead Set Babes
for making such FANTABULOUS polishes
& Colleen Schleppy for organizing the group order!
(By organizing I mean invoicing over 40 orders,
placing this monster size order with D.j.,
sorting it all out when it arrived state side,
repacking & mailing everybody their orders!
Ain't she AWESOME?!?)
Now onto da nails...
 Da line up ~ Dead Set Babes Strange Magic,
da group custom & Burn Book
(not shown ~ Finger Paints Paper Mache
used for undies on da splodging fingers)
Okey dokey...my splodging needs practice,
but for a 1st attempt it's tolerable.
 What was really floating my lil Inky boat were the rainbows!
Strange Magic on my pinky looks black at 1st,
but it's really a very dark blue violet!
Da group custom on my middle is so very close
to my ultimate polish lemming of a neon purple holo!
Burn Book on my index is just all kinds of pink wonderfulness!
They even held onto da rainbow after being splodged!
 Thumby got splodged too!
I almost made a lil heart with my splodging.
Can you see it?
 I got sun pics too...
...cuz that's what ya do when wearing holos!
I have more holo fun planned for this week!
Let's hope the sun comes back,
my puter cooperates
& I get it all done in time to post on schedule.
Hey...it could happen!
>^. .^<
Jazz wants me to tell y'all
that when da sun shines
go holo or go home!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Oooo, I love that splodge effect. It's an underused technique, I think!! :)

    1. It's pretty much a no-fail nail art technique that should be used more for sure!


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