Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chaos & Crocodiles ~ I'm a Secret Agent now!

Hello Dahlings!
Have you seen Chaos & Crocodiles' newest line of polish?
& it is chock full of holo rainbow GREATNESS!
I had to skip da original pre-order in June.
So I tried to get in on the restock a couple of weeks ago...
da restock started at 12 noon my time...
I got there at 12:03...
& da full collection plus half da singles were already gone!
I did manage to score 5 of da 10 colors...
 ...and since I posted that I was bummed to miss out on the full set,
I got some of the kit goodies with my order!
Da polishes from L to R ~ Security Breach, Interrogation,
Night Vision, Cipher & Sleeper Cell plus da goodies!
(Pssst! C&C are having a pre-order restock this Saturday,
August 30th 2014, at 12-1pm & 9-10pm est.)
 Da line up ~ Chaos & Crocodiles Interrogation, Security Breach,
Sleeper Cell & Ruby Kisses Pitch Black Darkness
 I started with 2 buttery smooth coats of Interrogation.
No patching here & look at those rainbows!
 I then added a gradient using da 3 C&C polishes.
Yummy, yummy!
 I then used Winstonia plate W202
with da Pith Black Darkness to stamp this...
 ...Ta Da!
It kinda makes me think of wispy clouds silhouetted against a sunset.
Me likey!
I sealed in da goodness with a coat of Seche Vite.
Did you notice that my claws got a trim?
When my left pinky nail broke at da nail line in June,
barely 2 weeks after my right pinky nail also broke at da nail line,
I decided to try da AcryGel method for gel overlays.
I only re-do the whole thing once a month
& add a new gel layer every other week,
so the maintenance is easier than da undercoat I was using previously.
Da undercoat did stop me from breaking corners & tips,
but when it grew out I was very likely to break a nail at da nail line.
Plus I had to re-do it weekly.
Da AcryGel works so well that I didn't know about this...
...until I took my polish off Monday night.
Can you see da crack on da right side, just above da nail line?
My nail didn't wiggle or feel weird at all!
It just had this quiet lil crack.
My overlay had gotten a bit thin over time
(it is acetone soluble)
& I was I was due for da monthly soak & buff
so I could add a new layer AcryGel.
So I soaked & buffed da old gel off,
glued it, trimmed & reshaped my nails
& then added da new gel-powder-gel overlay.
I didn't cut my nails due to da break tho'
as I have a bunch of yard & house projects to do
& my long claws were not only getting in da way
then were getting painful too.
Off with their heads!
>^. .^<
 Why is all da milk in YOUR tummy?
I wanted it in MY tummy!
Do you really think petting me 
is going to make up for you drinking all da milk 
 & not sharing it with me? Really?!?
Toopid hooman.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Gorgeous swatches and nails! I love the gradient and stamping you did! <3

  2. Wooow love ur nails!!!! Fantastic polish. Congrats

  3. Gradient is so gorgeous <3
    Can't wait to get my C&C's ;)

  4. Wow! Those definitely sold out verrrrry quickly. To be honest though, these ones seem a little too glittery and shiny for me. Oh well :/

    1. They definitely have a high bling factor!


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