Sunday, August 3, 2014

Freakin Weekly Challenge ~ Sexy?

Hello Dahlings!
Da Freaks are trying something new this week for our challenge:
Pick a holo from our stash that makes us feel ______
This week's feel is SEXY!
I gotta admit,
being a middle aged, uber chubby, suburban house wife
doesn't leave me much to feel sexy about.
Granted, I have cotton candy colored hair, fun nails &
usually wear bright colors & black.
(I luvs me some neon tie dye!)
My shirts often have sarcastic funny sayings &/or images.
I certainly don't blend in
nor have I ever been accused of being a wall flower!
There is a school of thought
that sexy is more about a state of mind
than physical aesthetic appeal.
Certain personality traits are thought to be very sexy...
sense of humor, intelligence & creativity among them.
If this is true, then maybe I am sexy?
I do know this, when I wear today's polish,
I know my nails are SEXY!
 This is 2 yummiliocious coats of
ILNP Ultra Chromes not only show 3+ colors
they also can go commando!
Yep, that's right, no black undies needed
to make these polishes do their thang.
Be prepared for some pic spam...
 I got the green, blue & purple to show in this shot
along with some holo goodness.
 Blue & purple playing around.
 Oh look!
Da gold came out to play in da indirect light near da back door!
 Even in da bottle, Birefringence (H) was showing its sexy off.
Da day I sat down to do this mani I got my 
The Devil Wears Polish order in da mail.
Tami had included a polish she had recently concocted
(with some nudging from yours truly)
so I just had to wear it ASAP!
 Oh hell yeah...this is Lust For Life!
A clear base with gold, copper & black glitter bits
& white SKULLIES!!!
(Yeah, I know, I get irrationally happy over da lil things.)
Lust For Life is an Iggy Pop song from Trainspotting.
Iggy may not be traditionally sexy,
but he's usually fun & entertaining!
Me likey!
 Oooooo...da elusive pink made a cameo appearance!
 Da line up ~ The Devil Wears Polish Lust For Life 
& I Love Nail Polish Birefringence (H)
Yeah, maybe I can do sexy when da mood strikes...
>^. .^<
 I always sexy!
See mah sexy cat butt?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. ROFLMFAO!! Sexy cat butt ftw!! And I love the polishes, the addition of that skull glitter is da awesomest. :)

    1. I do get all twitterpated when skull glitter is on my nails. LOL

  2. LMFAO! :d LOVE this post. And an awesome combo!

    1. I couldn't have done this mani without your polish! ♡

  3. If you don't have it yet check out polished by kpt's Camellia for a sexy I polish. I would wait to order it directly from Katherine once she is back from moving...I am not a huge fan of harlowandco who have it in stock.
    Thanks for all the skull posts from TDWP. I am looking forward to the store being back online


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